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Where Richard Sherman’s trade rumors a warning?

Where Richards Sherman trade rumors a warning?
Richard Sherman | Photo Credit: Mark Samia
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Where Richards Sherman trade rumors a warning?

Andrew McClain | Analyzed Sports

The Seattle Seahawks star CB Richard Sherman’s name has been mentioned a lot this off-season.  Trade rumors abound.  The star CB is well known to be outspoken on many issues. Especially about the 2015 Super Bowl loss to New England Patriots and the play that caused it.  Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll has been steadfast that the decision was correct.   Sherman and other members of the defense such as safety Earl Thomas don’t agree.   Now in the off-season, Sherman’s name has been mentioned in trade rumors.

“I couldn’t be happier with where I am or where we’re at as a team,” Sherman said recently.

Maybe the rumors are a way to put him in his place and remind him that the team is in control.  But at $ 11 million a year, his contract may be hard to trade away even for a top CB.  Recently Sherman has also spoken about the need for NFL players to think about striking for fully guaranteed contracts when the next labor bargaining begins.

We shall see if The Seahawks and Sherman can keep their relationship productive.

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