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Analyzed Sports Classic Snapback – Beat Cancer #KennedyStrong


Show your support and help fight Cancer with a #KennedyStrong Analyzed Sports Classic Snapback.  With your purchase, part of the proceeds will go to Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, KY, where children are battling cancer every day.

Kennedy Dawne was diagnosed in Feb. 2017 with a form of cancer called Nut -1 Carcinoma at the age of 16.  Now 17, she continues to fight this terminal illness daily with Grace, Courage, and Strength = #KennedyStrong.  She’s an inspiration, blessing and the person who inspired this hat.  This hat is dedicated to those battling cancer, loved ones lost to cancer and to help raise awareness to all forms of cancer.


Analyzed Sports Classic Snapback - Beat All Cancer #KennedyStrong



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