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April 9, 2014Basketballphoto-via usatftw

photo-via usatftw

April 9th 2014 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

Does Rex Chapman Have Credible Sources?

King Rex, one of Kentucky’s legends took to Twitter Monday night to relay information to his Twitter followers about the future of John Calipari.

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I must admit that the timing of the message was not cool, because when I found out it was during the title game. I immediately started trying to call around to find the truth about the message instead of focusing on cheering the Young Wildcats on to number 9.  I don’t have a problem with Rex sending the message, I just have a problem with the timing of his Twitter message. Why on Championship night Rex?  It was like giving away an ending to a movie that the other person never seen. I know Rex is on record of saying he’s not a journalist, and neither am I, but you could have waited until after the game, better yet after we celebrated this great story win or loss. Rex you must admit that this was poor timing on your part. I know Rex is a Kentucky legend, and a former NBA player, so I know he must have plugs, but I’m starting to question his sources.  Remember the Tweet about Andrew Wiggins that had the fan-base buzzing. Well those credible sources turned out to be wrong. If Cal doesn’t move on from Kentucky, then the credibility of Rex’s sources would come into question again.  At that point, I would just take the credible sources Rex Chapman has with a grain of salt.

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Here is Rex Chapman on the Dan Patrick show yesterday explaining his latest Tweets.

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