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April 22, 2014Boxingphoto


April 22, 2014 Louisville, KY

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. has a fight scheduled for May 3, 2014, but what’s on everyone’s mind is a fight that could happen a year from now.  Stephen A. Smith informed the public on his show called First Take that he is being told that Floyd Mayweather will be willing to fight Manny Pacquiao when his contract is up with Bob Arum.  Stephen A. stated a deal cannot be done before then because Arum and Floyd’s relationship is so tainted, so bad that Floyd refuses to do business with Bob Arum from back when Arum promoted Mayweather . Smith goes on to say that Manny’s contract is up in 2015.  Have a look if you missed the fireworks on the show, because actor Michael Rapaport makes his pick to win that fight, and also mentions he would bring it to Floyd’s chin himself.

ESPN First Take | Stephen A.: Floyd Mayweather Will Destroy Pacquiao


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