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April 23, 2014 Louisville, KY

A team looks into a mirror at a faint reflection.  It sees something that’s familiar yet something different.  A challenger and an inspiration at the same time an opponent to aspire to, and to crush. A rival, a reason to excel and a reason to improve.  A love/hate relationship.  In sports there is nothing like a good rivalry.  You know the special ones Duke vs North Carolina, The NY Yankees, vs The Boston Red Sox, Michigan vs Ohio State, and U of L vs UK.  The team that can make a tough season worth the pain.  The victory that is the sweetest.  There is nothing quite like beating your rival, and to beat them in their home.  To beat them and cost them a playoff berth.  Just of the ways to put a smile on a sports fans face.  When UofL and UK restarted The Dream Game in the 80’s , I can remember the excitement.  The people buying and wearing new T-shirts to support their team.  A rivalry makes the blood rush a little faster, the heart beat a little harder.  You know the risk. A sweet victory or a terrible defeat.  The kind that you have to wait until the next match-up to get revenge, but somehow we can’t wait for these games, so here’s to the sports rivalry.  May your team come out on top, Unless they are playing my team.


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