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Suspended RB Dalvin Cook, Trouble has consumed Florida St. – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

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July 14, 2015Football

Suspended RB Dalvin Cook, Trouble has consumed Florida St.

 July 14, 2015 Louisville, KY (Analyzed Sports) By: Stephen Patrick

Suspended RB Dalvin Cook, Trouble has consumed Florida St.

Florida State just seems like they just can’t get right. Florida State star running back Dalvin Cook faces a misdemeanor battery charge steaming from an incident from punching a woman in the face. Cook was suspended indefinitely; this coming just a few days after quarterback De’Andre Johnson was dismissed. A video later came to light of the incident. Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher “We will do better. I will not tolerate anything less.” Fisher is banning his players from bars.


FSU President John_Thrasher

FSU president John Thrasher has met with football players and coaching to discuss recent discipline issues and recent run of off-field issues allegedly committed by several players within the program. Thrasher previously stated he would take steps to change the culture of the football program.  Thrasher,

“In light of recent off-field incidents, I reiterated to our players that they simply cannot put themselves in situations that reflect poor behavior or cause harm to others. They must remember that playing football for FSU is a privilege, not a right. The actions of a few have the capacity to do serious damage to the reputation of our entire university.”

It seems Florida States days of wearing the black hat in college football did not end with Jameis Winston’s departure for the NFL.  Jimbo Fisher’s program is taking on even more of a dark status this offseason with two players in the same month accused of violence against women. Florida State is under particular scrutiny to some that may not seem justified. One thing is for certain, teams that win a national championship and 29 straight don’t come along too much. Certainly their games garner more coverage than the Las Vegas Bowl teams.

Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook finding the endzone

That’s the how things work; the power teams will take the brunt of the news cycle. Meanwhile, the apparent police bungling of Winston’s 2012 rape investigation coupled with Fisher’s repeated and very stern backing of his star player despite numerous off-field incidents drew some outcry throughout the land. Furthermore investigations by the New York Times and others uncovered other players who apparently avoiding discipline for various misdeeds.

Fisher took a hard-line stance with Johnson’s dismissal, but he didn’t have much of a choice once the public saw that video. It’s too soon to say how Cook’s case will play out, but the details from the report are awful if true. Florida State has become notorious for the type of inexcusable behavior by young males that our society no longer tolerates. Fisher can’t control what his players do late at night in the streets of Tallahassee, but he must choose carefully the message he decides to send about it. The stance must once again be taking possibly letting Cook walk. In what could’ve been another College Football Playoffs season, the upcoming season has taking a turn for the worst.

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