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April 20, 2015BoxingTakeaways from Inside Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao E1

Floyd Mayweather (47-0)

April 20, 2015 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

Takeaways from Inside Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao E1

Episode One of the four scheduled Showtime documentaries called Inside Mayweather vs. Pacquiao produced some interesting story lines about Floyd that many people probably never knew about the 47-0 boxer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here are some of the key takeaways I gathered from watching the first episode.

PRETTY BOY TO MONEY MAY: Floyd made it known to the world in the first episode why he went from Pretty Boy to Money Mayweather. While under Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions, it was Arum that controlled Mayweathers’ image, Floyd didn’t want any parts of that, so he bought out of his contract with Top Rank for 750,000 to come out of the shadows of Oscar De La Hoya, and start Mayweather Promotions.  In doing so he started boxing under the name of Money Mayweather, a name he felt fit more of who he was as a person.

“Bob Arum wanted me to be a certain way.” stated Floyd. “So that’s why we kept bumping heads, kept bumping heads. I rather be hated from being real, and who I am, than be loved for someone that I am not”

FLOYD ROBBED OF THE GOLD MEDAL: In the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta Georgia, Floyd received a Bronze Medal, but was clearly robbed by a fixed decision in the Gold Medal match against Serafim Todorov. The referee even raised Floyd’s hand while the Bulgarian fighters name was being announced as the winner.  Floyd was classy during this adversity in his life and would turn professional shortly afterwards keeping this defeat as motivation throughout his career.

“I don’t really say that I won a Bronze medal.” said Mayweather reflecting back. “I think it’s best to say I received a Bronze medal, because you can’t win a Bronze if you lost.”

These are two of the many items from Episode one that stuck out to me. To keep from giving everything away in the Episode by Showtime, just watch the full Inside Mayweather vs. Pacquiao if you didn’t catch it live.  This is very interesting, and like I, you might find a new respect for Floyd Mayweather and how far he’s come. Check it out.

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