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Big Blue Nation… Don’t Jump Ship Yet!


March 4, 2014

First things first, I understand the loss at South Carolina was a bad loss, and Pat “HATER” Forde feels John Calipari has some explaining to do from the personal attack article he threw at Cal this past Sunday.  I also understand this season had high expectations considering this team was Preseason #1 in America at the beginning of the season. Everyone from the fans of Big Blue Nation “Keep Calm the Twins Are Coming”, to the UK coaches “Why Not 40 -0?”, and the media saying this is the “Greatest Class in College B-Ball History”, put a tremendous amount of pressure on the young cats before they were able to step foot on campus. I expected this bunch to at least be ranked in the Top 10 for the entire college year. I did not expect to see them ranked #25 from the latest AP Poll just released on 03/03/2014 at any point during the year.

Yes the 40-0 shirts were funny and the hype of the team was ridiculous, but comparing them to the Greatest Class Ever Michigan’s “Fab 5” was not. We all remember how the story ended for Michigan’s Fab 5, but we tend to forget all the adversity the team faced during their ’91-’92 regular season campaign.  Maybe the Associated Press and the members of the media should have looked at Michigan’s Fab 5 preseason ranking of #20 to get a gauge on where to rank this year Kentucky’s Fab 5 since they were comparing them to the Greatest Class of All Time. This would have helped relieve some of the pressure off the current Kentucky team considering they had never played a college game before.

Other key facts about that 91-92 Michigan Fab 5 squad is that they finished 11-7 for 3rd in the Big 10 Conference, they had a total of 8 regular season losses, with 2 of those losses being by 15 points or more.  They also loss 2 out of their last 5 regular season games.  This was good for only a #6 seed in the NCAA Tournament were they made a run at the Final Four and were defeated in the title game by the Hated Christian Laettner’s Duke Team by a score of 71-51.

I know the season has not been what the Big Blue Nation has expected, but now is not the time to jump ship.  Michigan’s Fab 5 proved that you can still get hot as a 6 seed in the NCAA and make a run at the title with a talented team full of young freshman who struggled during the regular season.

 Even Aaron Harrison was Quoted after the South Carolina loss as thinking so: “Because we know what we can do. We know, we talk about it. Even after the game, we just, we know what we can do and we know we’re going to make a run to have a big, great story for everyone to talk about.”

Here’s hoping it turns out as the same great story of another young talented team who struggled during the regular season to end it with a run to the Final Four of the 91-92 season as a 6 seed.

There’s still hope Big Blue Nation!

Thanks for Reading.  Please have a look at the numbers below of the Greatest Recruiting Classes ever, because they’re eerily similar to one another.


Rankings coming into Freshman Year for the starters of both squads.

Michigan 91-92 Fab 5 – 4 McDonald’s All Americans

Chris Webber Ranked #1,  Juwan Howard Ranked #3,   Jalen Rose Ranked # 6, Jimmy King Ranked #9, and Ray Jackson Ranked #84

Screenshot 2014-03-04 at 2.07.38 AM

 Kentucky’s 13-14 Fab 5  – 6 McDonald’s All Americans counting #21 Ranked Marcus Lee.

Julius Randle ranked #2, Andrew Harrison ranked #5, Aaron Harrison ranked #6, James Young ranked #11  and Dakari Johnson ranked # 17

Screenshot 2014-03-04 at 2.04.32 AM

Both Teams had guys that averaged a double-double in Julius Randle  Chris Webber with 15pts & 10rebs.

Both teams led their league in rebounding and rebounding margin.

Both teams couldn’t really shoot from 3 averaging around 32% as a team.

Both teams shot around 65 to 68 percent from the free throw line.

Last but not least, look at the points averaged for the starters of both teams.  It’s very close!!

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