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Jackie Robinson “Courage & Conviction”

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Andrew Chapman Jr. | Analyzed Sports

When it comes to real American Heroes, the name Jackie Robinson should always be mentioned. He was born in California and was always involved in sports with his brother Mack. They both ran track, played baseball and football. Jackie went to UCLA and was a star in football and basketball. Robinson then went into the Army and became a Lieutenant. There was a very well known incident on a bus, in which he was court-martialed for not sitting in the back of the bus, and won the case. After the World War II, he played in the Negro Leagues for the Kansas City Monarchs.

When Branch Rickey of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball club sent a scout to watch him, they knew Jackie was an individual player. He was called into a meeting with Mr. Rickey and questioned about his temper more than his play. When they came to an understanding that he would not fight back or answer insults is when they agreed to give the experiment a try. He started out on the Montreal Scout team before joining the official Brooklyn team. He married Rachael Robinson to his longtime girlfriend who he met in college. After a season in Montreal, he was called up to the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Jackie’s first day was not outstanding, but over time he won over the Brooklyn faithful by his exciting brand of ball, stealing bases and hitting hard. In 1955 he helped the Dodgers earn a pennant and a world series. Jackie Roosevelt Robinson is a real hero and has many movies and books about him including the recent 42. I recommend for the final day of black history month to check out The Jackie Robinson Story starring the man himself. As liked to say,  life is only important in the impact it has others. By his measurement, Jackie’s life is and always will be substantial by the impact it had on others.

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