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Damian Lillard to the Lakers?

Damian Lillard to the Lakers?

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Is It Dame Time?

Magic Johnson could show the NBA a magic trick and make Lavar Ball disappear.  Most thought Lavar bluster would go away when Lonzo Ball was drafted but it seems to have gotten worse.  Johnson is the face of the Lakers and the assumption is that even Ball knows not to push him too far.  We saw last season how well that worked.  It looks like Lavar thinks he’s the face of the team.

At this point LaVar Ball will throw anybody without the last name ball under the bus.  As a young team last season the last thing Luke Walton needed was his rookie PG Father talking about his coaching ability.  Maybe Lavar thinks he should coach the Lakers.  Kyle Kuzma got the brunt of the blame for a back-and-forth rap battle that Lonzo was a full and willing participant in.  The NBA is where professional basketball players play and last season was a circus.

The King is now in LA and that just make the exposure of Lavar even more maddening.  So to think that LaVar Ball will be seen and not heard from simply because James is in town is is delusional. Remember this is a father who thinks he can get all of his sons on the Lakers.  Any hope that LeBron James arrival would simmer down Lavar’s hot takes were destroyed in a few days.  Lavar has already made the media rounds proclaiming Lonzo will make the King better and new acquired PG Rajon Rondo is a “little back-up.” The same Rondo who won a title with the Celtics.

So with all the nonsense Lavar Ball can cause is it time for a change?  Is it Dame Time?  The Lakers are James team now, but James most certainly needs a co-star with the landscape of the NBA.  According to some speculation, one Western Conference All-Star point guard could be a target for the Lakers via a trade.  It makes sense.  The Portland Trail Blazers while a playoff team for five straight years with three of those being first round exits. In the pacific northwest it’s been tough to recruit marquee free agents to come no matter how much Lillard is respected around the league.

A package of Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram and a pick might get the job done. Lillard could be what Kyrie was in Cleveland, taking some pressure off of Lebron. With Rondo signed it’s possible Dame could play the off guard. It make even more sense because Kawhi Leonard who is the Laker preferred trade choice will be a free agent next year. A combo of James, Lillard, and Leonard would be a contender to the Warriors throne.

With Lebron in the latter part of his career there is no time to wait on the young roster to grow. The time to win is now. Lillard has shown he has the makeup of a champion and clutch shot making ability. He just needs to be with a team that can help him get over that playoff hump.  For the Lakers, there may be no time like Dame time.

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