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Why Have People Forgotten About Anthony Davis?

Louisville, Kentucky | Charron Elliott

While there have been some amazing headlines in this first half of the season like the play of guys like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jimmy Butler, a healthy Joel Embiid, the struggles of the Cavs, and more Ball family drama, it seems like NBA fans have forgotten how great Anthony Davis is.

Well here’s your reminder, first off he had back-to-back 40-point games over the past week, one of them came against the Boston Celtics on the road.

Even Boston, who has the best defensive ranking in the league was no match for AD, as he scored 45 points in a 116-113 Pelicans’ win. Oh and by the way, he also grabbed 16 rebounds in that game.

In his game against the Knicks two nights before, Davis tallied a season-high 48 points and registered 17 rebounds. Defensively he was a force as well, coming away with four steals and three blocks.

“The Brow” is having the most efficient season of his young career, shooting a career-best 55.7 percent from the floor. Did I mention that he’s upped his 3-point percentage to 34.7 percent, which is also a career-high?

He’s also fourth in the NBA points per game (26.7), third in blocks (2.7 bpg.), and has a player efficiency rating of 28.8.

Why Have People Forgotten About Anthony Davis?

Overall, with this being his sixth season in the NBA and him only being 24 years old, the thought that Anthony Davis hasn’t even reached his prime yet is scary! Plus with adding the three-point shot to his already impressive skills set, there’s no way to predict how many records AD could break in the coming years.

Perhaps the only question marks thus far on AD’s career is can he stay healthy and can he win in the Playoffs? I think the first question raises eyebrows because Davis has missed almost a full season (81 games) over his career.

On a positive note, unlike most big men who usually have one lingering injury that sidelines them, for AD it’s been a plethora of injuries. His injuries this season include a concussion, sore ankle, strained groin, and left knee swelling.

As far as winning in the Playoffs, let’s be honest the fact that he even got the Pelicans to the Playoffs in 2015 was miraculous considering the lack of talent on that roster. By the way, they are in the western conference and had to play the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs so there’s that disclaimer.

With the addition of point guard Rajon Rondo and this his first full season that Davis has played with the DeMarcus Cousins, maybe the Pelicans at least win a game in the Playoffs this year.

New Orleans (23-21) sits at seventh in the conference standings so their best chance to win a series for me is to win more regular season games to avoid playing either Houston or Golden State in the first round.

Still, regardless of overall team success and lack of talent around him in years past, there’s no reason for people to continue to sleep on “The Brow!

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