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The Real Message behind Taking a Knee

The Real Message behind Taking a Knee

The Real Message behind Taking a Knee

Andrew Chapman Jr. | Analyzed Sports

I know that most people don’t want politics to be involved in their sports. Have we lost sight of what Colin Kaepernick was taking a knee during the National Anthem in the first place? If you took your cues from the media, you might think this has something to do with the American flag or the National Anthem. No, The anthem is used for effect and attention. I don’t think anyone knew this would be the outcome.

Can we agree that African Americans came to this country as slaves?  Can we also recognize that after slavery a group of laws was passed directed towards blacks to segregate the races called Jim Crow laws? That while Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights movement made great strides, there is still a system of 2nd class citizenship in effect for African American people. Now the athletes that participated in the peaceful protests grew up with role models such as Jim Brown and Muhammad Ali who spoke out for injustice. So still seeing black men murdered by police with no justice and the same system of second-class treatment in effect they spoke up when America was watching.

An NFL pregame anthem. There was no disrespect meant to the American flag or anthem or military. My Grandfather fought in World War II. Many of these athletes come from military families, and black people have fought in every war America has had. The issue is people are standing up against an unjust system still in effect in 2017. Those black people are again subjected to racism, harassment, and police brutality.

Although strides have been made, until we can admit how we got here and how black people are still mistreated in this great country, the message will continue to be lost and twisted for other agendas. Now that’s what Mr. Colin Kaepernick #7 was trying to say. Not to disrespect the police, military, the flag or the country, but to say that we still have strides to make to be the great country that we can be.

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