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Ballard Bruins- One On One with Marshon Ford –

Charron Elliott | Analyzed Sports

Ford’s Experience Could Be Key for The Bruins This Season

The Ballard Bruins finished the 2016 season with a 9-4 record, advancing through their first two postseason games before losing to 6A State champion, Trinity. However, with a defense that finished first in fewest passing yards allowed per game (73) and second in fewest rushing yards per game (58) in 2016, the Bruins have a reason to be optimistic for this upcoming season. Although Ballard head coach in Mike Copley left to pursue a job in Tennessee, Ballard upgraded defensive coordinator Adrian Morton to replace Copley.

On top of that Ballard will still have senior Marshon Ford, who at 6 foot 3, 200 lbs, is an excellent outside linebacker and tight end. The Bruins loss 33 seniors coming into the 2017 season but having a player like Ford at tight end could be huge, especially since he registered 11 touchdowns in Ballard’s final four games. With that being said, Ford and I discussed his road to Ballard, his thoughts on last season, and what he plans on doing in the future to become a better player.

Me: When did you know that you wanted to become a football player?

Marshon: When I was little, I used to play T-ball and tackle my teammates all the time. So my coach told my uncle and my dad to put me in football and once I started playing I fell in love with it.

Me: On what side of the football do you think you have the most impact on your team?

Marshon: Offensively, I feel like I have the most impact since we have so many young guys and I’m the only person with varsity experience. I also feel like our quarterback and I have great chemistry. Defensively we aren’t as young because we have a couple of juniors and seniors stepping up to fill in spots that the seniors played in last year.

Me: What have you been working on this off-season?

Marshon: This off-season I have been working on getting stronger with 5×6 and 5×7 workouts that help me focus on becoming more explosive. To increase my speed I have been running up hills, as well as doing ladder exercises.These type of workouts help me become mentally stronger as well because of the amount of stress that I put on my body.

Me: What song gets you hyped during pregame and helps you lock in for game time ?

Marshon: Good question, I think it’s most definitely Meek Mill (On The Regular), that song really gets me hyped up.

Me: Is there a current player in the NFL/ college that you study and try to learn from?

Marshon: I study JaBrill Peppers (former Michigan football player and current Cleveland Browns rookie), I really like his swag and the way he carries himself. I also admire how violent he is on the field and that’s what I how I’ll have to do this year to go to the next level. His ability to hurt you in all three phases of the game (special teams, offense, defense) is something I really admire.

Me: Ballard finished first in fewest passing yards allowed per game and second in fewest rushing yards per game in 2016, what needs to happen in order to keep the defense solid? 

Marshon: Well losing a head coach is never good but keeping your defensive coordinator and naming him the head coach is great for us because we still run the same system. Our practices are built on repetition and making sure we understand our game plan, so I am confident that will carry over into our games. As for me personally, I need to focus more on my technique and getting my eyes better at recognizing the POA ( point of attack).

Ford also plans on pursuing a college degree in Business or Sports Management since he is very passionate about sports.


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