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Professional Wrestling- One on One with Myron ” HOT FIYA” Reed

Professional Wrestling- One on One with Myron " HOT FIYA" Reed

 Charron Ellliott | Analyzed Sports

The Emergence of “Hot FIYA”

Growing up as a kid there was two things I looked forward to watching on TV, Allen Iverson play for the 76ers in the NBA and Kane wrestling on WWE Friday night Smackdown. I could remember my twin brother and I had the Goldberg wrestling dolls, in which we would literally beat the stuffing out of pretending to be Devon and Bubba Ray Dudley, aka the Dudley Boyz, of the WWF. However, we had no idea the level of hard work and discipline it took for all of wrestling heroes to become great at their craft.

With that being said, Analyzed Sports was fortunate enough to talk with young professional wrestler, Myron “HOT FIYA” Reed, about his road to professional wrestling and his future with the sport. ‘HOT FIYA’ has only been in the business nearly 14 months and has already been in the Ring of Honor Tournament, in which he defended his Crown of Glory Championship against “The Lonestar” Curt Stallion. He was also apart of WrestleCircus in Austin Texas and fought in a crowd that included over 700 fans.

CE: Who inspired you to become a wrestler? Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?

HOT FIYA: “The person who inspired me the most is my Great-Grandmother. My favorite wrestler growing up was The Rock because of my Great-Grandmother, but eventually as I got older I became a Jeff Hardy fan as well.

CE: What was it like to wrestle in the Ring of Honor?

HOT FIYA: “Ring of Honor was phenomenal, it was surreal. To be in the wrestling business for 14 months and to achieve that at the age of 20 was amazing and something I’m extremely proud of.”

CE: What did you enjoy most from your experience from the WrestlingCircus?

HOT FIYA: WrestleCircus was amazing because not only was it in front of 700 fans live, but it was over 7,500 watching on Twitch at one point; It was an awesome feeling flying to Texas and being there for the first time. It was an awesome weekend.”

CE: What are some of your short-term and long-term goals as a professional wrestler?

Hot FIYA: “Short term goals for me is to be signed and wrestle in at least 25 states and 3 countries by this time next year. The long-term goal is to make it to the WWE and inspire millions, be looked at as a hero, and a role model to any & everyone possible.”

CE: What is one thing that you think most fans don’t know about professional wrestling, that they should?

Hot FIYA: “One of the biggest things is it’s not easy. I train two days a week. I wrestle three to five days a week and I workout almost everyday. It’s cardio, emotion, mental and physical toughness.”

Myron Reed’s next event is in Chicago this Saturday for All American Wrestling one of the most popular shows in the Midwest. HOT FIYA will wrestle ACH ,a former ROH wrestler currently in Impact and in Japan. You can expect to see some of these moves below by Hot FIYA this weekend.

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