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2015-2016 Duke Blue Devils College Basketball Outlook – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

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July 28, 2015Basketball2015-2016 Duke Blue Devils College Basketball Outlook

Photo: Andre’ Chapman

July 28, 2015 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports) By: Stephen Patrick

Repeat In Cameron Indoor Stadium?

It’s never too early for college basketball. The good feeling still exists at Duke from winning the national title this past season. The Blue Devils have kept the momentum going by making big splashes in the recruiting classes over the last few years. Ask any college basketball coach and there are always concerns and worries when it comes to the uncertainty of incoming freshmen, even for programs as successful as Duke. Blue Devils Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski, no doubt has some things he is uncertain about for the upcoming 2015-16 basketball team.

Duke Blue Devils

Duke Blue Devils watching “One Shining Moment” after winning 2015 NCAA Championship – Photo: Andre’ Chapman


Players who leave college early for the NBA draft has drained college basketball of veteran leadership.  Most programs make up for this with newcomers who are so talented that the lack of experience doesn’t matter. However, it’s still a concern for young teams heading into a college basketball season from competing at the high-school level.  Duke’s 2015-2016 team might be the youngest team ever under Mike Krzyzewski.  The roster includes seven freshmen two sophomores, two juniors, and one senior.  This is compared to last year’s team, which featured seven underclassmen on the 11-man roster with only four freshmen.  Three of those freshmen were first round draft picks in 2015 NBA draft. The freshman from last year that remains will have his role significantly expanded in his sophomore season.  Grayson Allen averaged just 4.4 points per game last season as a freshman.  He seems like the unlikeliest person to be Duke’s go-to player, but without any of the incoming stars standing out in the Blue Devils 2015 class, it might just end up being Allen’s  job by default until someone else establishes themselves as the leader on the 2015-2016 team.

Duke Blue Devils

Grayson Allen & Coach K. Photo: Andre’ Chapman

For the second year in a row, Duke’s play is going to be heavily dependent on freshmen.  That’s not so unusual in today’s college game, but in most cases at Duke it’s not the norm.  There’s usually  a notable returner that gets looked at as a go-to player for the Blue Devils in previous seasons. Last year’s the team was shaped around the top incoming Center in the country in Jahlil Okafor.  Who would that be for the 2015-16 Blue Devils, though?  Many forget that Grayson Allen, had two superb Final Four performances that were preceded by several months of very little involvement whatsoever. Will Coach K. open the floor up for the offense to allow Allen to work?  The two stellar Final Four game performances by Grayson were from the Blue Devils spreading out the offense.

Duke Blue Devils

Okafor, Winslow, Jones Photo: Andre’ Chapman

Mike Krzyzewski has regularly gone with a thin rotation, and none of his teams over the past few years have had more than seven players average 20 or more minutes per game. The 2015-16 version could be one of his deepest in a while, though, depending on how many of his newcomers he trusts enough with valuable minutes.  How these freshmen get used is a key to how the upcoming season goes, especially after the success of last year’s trio of Tyus Jones, Jahlil Okafor and Justise Winslow. They were the stars of last years’ championship team.  Coach K is one of the greatest coaches of the modern era; he has crafted and led Duke to five national championships during his tenure at Duke University.  Through three decades no coach as adapted to the climate more than the Coach known by the letter K.  Is Duke the team to beat for the 2015-2016 season?  Comment Below.


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