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2015 Fantasy Football Season: Starters, Bench, SleepersAnalyzed Sports

August 12, 2015Football2015 Fantasy Football Season: Starters, Bench, Sleepers

Photo Credit: Mike Morbeck

August 13, 2015 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)  By:  Kaelin Massey

2015 Fantasy Football Season: Starters, Bench, Sleepers

The 2015 NFL Fantasy Football season is right around the corner and everyone is getting prepared to draft his or her fantasy football teams.  I’m going to give my starters and my bench line up of the players I would go with for a Fantasy Football season. This line-up would be a true “Fantasy” roster, if I had everything my way in a perfect world.  Keep Calm and Don’t Take this Literally.


QB: Aaron Rogers: This man has a great season every year, he never disappoints. He completed 65.6% of his passes and threw for 38 touchdowns with only 5 interceptions. He is a great pick. If you don’t have one of the first three picks Rogers most likely will not still be around. Rogers is on a bye in Week 7.

RB: Le’Von Bell: Yes I know he his suspended for the first two games but he is still a top pick. Projected to get 252.30 fantasy points this season. Bell ran for 1,361 yards and eight touchdowns last season.

RB: Marshawn Lynch: All I have to say is Beast Mode. He ran for 1,306 yards and 13 touchdowns last season. He would have won the super bowl for the Seahawks if they decided to give him the ball, but hey you can’t rewind back time. Lynch is unstoppable when close by the goal line. He has a Week 9 Bye.

WR: Antonio Brown: Brown had an unbelievable season last year averaging 13.2 yards per catch. With 129 catches and 1,698 yards. Brown will get you some points for sure and is a sure Number 1 receiver for any fantasy roster.

2015 Fantasy Football Season: Starters, Bench, Sleepers

Dez Bryant – Photo Credit: Football Schedule

WR: Dez Bryant: Throw up the X. Bryant will be ready to play with his new big contract. Mr. 88 caught 88 passes last season with 1,320 yards. He had no problem getting to the end zone with 16 touchdowns last season.

TE:  Rob Gronkowski: He has wide receiver numbers. With 82 receptions and 1,124 yards and 12 touchdowns. He is the top pick for the tight-end position. He is projected to get 173.30 fantasy points.

FLEX: A.J. Green: He is the number one receiver for the Bengals. He is long and can jump up and get the ball over defenders. He only played in 13 games last season, but still managed to get 1,041 yards and six touchdowns.

K: Dan Bailey: I chose him because of the new extra point rule for the 2015 season. I don’t think there will be a lot of field goals being attempted. With that being said he is in a closed stadium not having to deal with the weather conditions along with the distance while kicking, so I feel like he will get the most points.

Defense: Seahawks: How can I not choose the best defense out right now?  They are projected to get 165 fantasy points. The Seahawks D never fails me. They finished the season only allowing 33 points in the last 5 games.



2015 Fantasy Football Season: Starters, Bench, Sleepers

Teddy Bridgewater – Photo Credit: Kyle Engman

QB: Teddy Bridgewater: He will get goods point in replacement of Rodgers on his bye week, or if he gets hurt. He will get more action than he got last season. He is most definitely one of my top sleepers in any Fantasy League formats.

WR: Randall Cobb: He is projected to get 194.30 fantasy points. Cobb is not the number one receiver in Green Bay, but I would say he is the number two or three. He also does a lot of the special team’s work for the Packers as well.

WR: DeVante Parker: A big sleeper right here. He is a lot like Calvin Johnson or A.J. Green with how tall he is and his ability to jump over defenders. This is his rookie season so he has to prove himself. He is projected to get 115.60 fantasy points.

RB: DeMarco Murray: Playing for the Eagles now I still think he can produce like he did at Dallas. He is projected to get 200.4 fantasy points. He knows how to stay on his feet. He is good at getting yards after contact.

TE: Jason Witten: My choice was between Witten and Heath Miller. Two old school tight ends. They are going to block and come across the middle to make a catch and not scared to be hit. Witten is projected to get 87 fantasy points.

Defense: Steelers: A good back up for the Seahawks. I see that the Steelers are projected to only get 79 fantasy points, but I think they will get more than that. They have made some adjustments to the defense this off-season to get back to Steelers football.

2015 Fantasy Football Season: Starters, Bench, Sleepers2015 Fantasy Football Season: Starters, Bench, Sleepers

You can see that I didn’t get a back-up kicker. With the new rule I don’t feel the need to get one. I picked up the extra wide receivers because of the way the game is being played now, with more teams throwing the ball instead of putting it on the ground and teams having more trust in the quarterback.  I have a few sleepers on this roster with Parker, Bridgewater, and Witten.  Like I said this is a perfect world having it my way or the highway type of line-up, but since the world isn’t perfect I know that this roster is not likely to occur, but a girl can dream, Right?

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