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A Flash of Greatness with Amber Roca – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

January 18, 2015Basketball, Football


By: Trent A. Brinkley                                      January 18, 2015 Louisville, KY (Analyzed Sports)

A Flash of Greatness with Amber Roca

          I recently caught up with Colonial Forge HS Senior, Amber Roca, you might know her better as the photographer who has provided all the great sports photos for some of the Colonial Forge Athletes stories that have been published on here. She is the official photographer for Colonial Forge HS Athletics. She took some time out of her busy weekend to do an exclusive interview with us, especially with signing day only 3 weeks away. Below is the exclusive transcript of that interview, and more information on her Photography Business.

Analyzed Sports: How did you get interesting in taking photography?

Amber Roca: I actually never had pictured myself taking sports pictures. I was assigned to report on the football team for a journalism assignment and I had to take pictures every week. The football team got a hold of my pictures and had liked them. I also enjoyed the atmosphere and excitement so I just kept taking pictures.

Analyzed Sports: What are some of the reasons you got interested in sports photography?

Amber Roca: I loved sports to begin with. I had always admired the pictures I saw in Sports Illustrated and when I started taking pictures I wanted to replicate them! I also love seeing people’s reactions when they see themselves in my photographs in the action.

Analyzed Sports: What does it feel like having Analyzed Sports use your photography and giving you shout outs for all the photos you take for their stories?

Amber Roca Photography

Amber Roca Photography

Amber Roca: I’m extremely greatful! I’m always looking for ways to get my pictures out to people and they have definitely helped me further in my photography career.

Analyzed Sports: What is your long life goal for your career in photography?

Amber Roca: To one day photograph for Sports Illustrated photographer.

Amber Roca Photography

Amber Roca Photography

Analyzed Sports: You will be attending college this fall, have you considered a field of study you would like to study?

Amber Roca: I have definitely considered it however, I’m looking towards a major in business and if the college I go to offers photography then I will do a double major.

 Analyzed Sports: Is there a dream place you would love to photograph one day?

Amber Roca: I would love to photograph in the SuperDome. I’m originally from Louisiana and I would love to photograph my favorite football team the Saints and enjoy the atmosphere of being in a real NFL stadium.

Analyzed Sports: What sports do you photograph for Colonial Forge?

Amber Roca: I photograph Football, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Volleyball and Track.

Amber Roca Photography

Amber Roca Photography

Analyzed Sports: Do you photograph other things besides sports?

Amber Roca: I have done family and senior portraits but I mainly do sports photography

Amber Roca: Analyzed Sports: What type of photo camera do you use for your work?

Amber Roca: I use a Nikon D5100 with a detachable 300mm zoom lens.

Analyzed Sports: Who is a photographer that you look up or admire their work?

Amber Roca: I admire my senior photographer Dan Trevino. He is always there to help critique my work and he also takes beautiful sports photos and senior pictures! He has helped me with photography and has seen me grow these past few years.

Amber Roca taking pictures of a game. Dan Trevino Photography

Amber Roca taking pictures of a game. Dan Trevino Photography

Analyzed Sports: How can people see more of your work?

Amber Roca: They can go to my Facebook page Amber Roca Photography! 

Analyzed Sports: Do you have a motivational quote that you look up to?

Amber Roca: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” -Babe Ruth


Amber Roca Photography

Amber Roca Photography

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