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April 27, 2014Basketballphoto


April 27, 2014 Louisville, KY 

It’s been reported that L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling doesn’t like for his girlfriend to associate with minorities including the living legend Magic Johnson.  He stated in the audio tape that taking pictures with black people is a worry to him. This is an age-old problem and is still going on today.  To me this all goes back to the fear of the black-man and his sexuality.  Some white men have a fear that a black man or other minority will take their woman.  It’s as old as slavery and echos still till this day.  The idea that Doc Rivers or Chris Paul and company shouldn’t play for such a man is now been thrown around now.  Let’s remember that they play for themselves to further their career, dreams, and championship hopes. It is for The Clippers fans to consider if they wish to continue to support such an owner with their dollars.  This as we all know is the way to really hurt such a man.  Have a listen to the full audio below.

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