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Arsene Wenger Finally Beat Jose MourinhoAnalyzed Sports

August 10, 2015SoccerArsene Wenger Finally Beat Jose Mourinho

Arsene Wenger – Photo Credit: Ronnie Macdonald

August 10, 2015 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)  By: Tony Samboras

Arsene Wenger Finally Beat Jose Mourinho


Arsene Wenger was able to defeat Jose Mourinho, at long last, Albeit In Sunday’s Community Shield however, the War Of Words Between The Two Managers Continued

The upcoming Premier League season is in need of a serious dose of rivalry at the top of the table. To take the stakes high and see an upsurge in competition, a battle between football club managers is imminent.  The 2nd of August was a Sunday, which will go down in history as Arsenal FC won the Community Shield after beating Chelsea FC. The Gunners (Arsenal FC) poured more gas on the fire that is the grudge between the managers of these two teams.

The results of the match proved that although the two managers have had time to heal, it wasn’t enough. As in the twelve years they have been acquaintances, they still behave like rowdy teenagers and have yet to master manners as they still do not acknowledge each other’s presence.

With a 1-0 win in favour of the Gunners, Arsene Wenger was more than ecstatic as he celebrated the 14th time his team has defeated The Blues (Chelsea) which is under Jose Mourinho. This match could have broken a winning streak for Arsenal as they have now won five friendly matches in a row.  If these two managers continue behaving like children, one wonders what would happen if they both met in a FIFA World Cup tournament!

Given that the Gunners were able to power play the Blues. Punters are betting that on September 19th, 2015, as Arsenal will be visiting Stamford Bridge (Chelsea’s Home Ground). They will be on top form as the Blues will be eager to prove that they are the better team.  However, the August 2nd match saw Mourinho as the manager who was giving excuses for his team, and it was a welcomed change for once.


The Best Team Lost


Jose Mourinho was quick to give excuses that the pitch was a disaster, and the weather was appalling hence why his boys were not able to outperform the gunners.  Jose Mourinho a Portuguese national jabbed at his opponent (Arsene Wenger), by using the criticism Wenger uses against him for being Chelsea’s manager. One wonder if whether he was giving an interview after a World Cup match whether would also state that the defensive team won.

But as you would expect, Arsenal’s team manager Arsene Wenger did not agree with the verdict. Arsene Wenger was quick to add that his players did not abandon anything, and they defended well. Wenger suggests that the team’s gameplay is centred on togetherness, solidarity and defending well and attacking brilliantly.

Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid’s Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho

Mourinho’s presence at the touchline was massive, and he voiced that to him, results mattered most. The Blues were not in top form last Sunday as they played as if they were an undercooked team.  Many punters and Arsenal’s fans jibed that Chelsea’s poor performance last Sunday is as a result of their manager’s poor dress code!

As if to clear himself off the offensive comments, Mourinho said that a lack of sharpness is a regular thing and especially during the first few games when your team just came back from their offseason tour.  As the match was underway, Arsene Wenger only made rare sorties from his bench as he would seek to avoid the kind of contretemps that he was part of (Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho) in October 2014. As the match went on, Arsene Wenger was seen relaxed as his team proved to play a better game than the Blues.

Side Note: Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho are two English Premier League football club managers who rarely see eye to eye. When they meet as opposing sides, there is no doubt that they will have words for each other.

One is left to image what would occur if they both led a team to FIFA World Cup, and their teams were left to fight for the World Cup Trophy!

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