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Ball State Cardinals: 1-On-1 With Trey Moses – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

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July 9, 2015Basketball, HighSchool


July 9, 2015 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)  By: Charron Elliott

Just a Kid From Louisville with a Big Heart

Louisville, Kentucky is the hometown of some great high school basketball players from Rajon Rondo, Darrell Griffith, Larry O’Bannon, and even D’Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers. However one of the most famous high school basketball players from Louisville may be Trey Moses out of Eastern High School. Trey’s stellar play on the court and his efforts to help others off the court are what make him one of the best high school athletes ever to come out of the city of Louisville.

Trey Moses will play Division One college basketball at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. The 6 foot 9 forward/center averaged nearly 14 points and ten rebounds per game in his senior season at Eastern. He also managed to block two shots per game and shoot 69% from the field. However what separates Moses from other young athletes is his willingness to use his social status to create social awareness. Moses is very passionate about his work with special needs people. Trey demonstrated this by asking his friend Ellie Meredith (who suffers from down syndrome) to be his date to senior prom. The gesture gained attention of not only local media but even national media including CNN. So with that being said I caught up with Moses to ask him about his senior year and his plans at Ball State.


Trey Moses and Ellie Meredith at Senior Prom.

Analyzed Sports: What reasons led to you choosing to play college basketball at Ball State?

Trey: Since I wanted to major in special education, and they had a great special Ed program it was a great match academically for me. Basketball wise they’re on the come up to becoming a great program so I wanted to be apart of that.

 Analyzed Sports: What did you enjoy most about playing basketball at Eastern High School?

Trey: I loved the environment, most of our games had a pretty good crowd, and we have a big tradition for basketball at Eastern.

 Analyzed Sports: Did you ever think asking your friend Ellie to prom would receive as much national attention as it did ?

Trey: I didn’t think it would get that big, I figured like local people would see, but definitely not national! I’m glad it did, my goal is to raise awareness and change the world for kids that happen to be special needs.

 Analyzed Sports: Have you had the chance to learn about your new teammates if so what have you learned so far?

Trey: Yea, they’re all hard-working ! From scholarship to walk-on , this is the hardest working group of guys I’ve been around, which makes me want to push myself to become better.

 Analyzed Sports: What parts of your game have you been working on the most as you prepare to play basketball at the next level ?

Trey: I’ve really worked on losing body fat, weight and learning how to eat right!

Analyzed Sports: I see you put emphasis on eating right, what foods were the most difficult for you to give up?

Trey: Probably like sweets , I love cheese so giving up Queso, same with chocolate milk.

Analyzed Sports: Lastly your humanitarian work off the court seems to be almost as important to you as your work on the court what motivates you to help others?

Trey: I’ve always been the one to like helping others before myself! Once I met Blake and Cory they just really drew me to want to help kids with special needs, so I want to help them and anyone in any way I can! Really wanting to raise awareness and change the world for not only Cory, Blake, and Ellie but just for every kid who is special needs ! Because I know there are still people who judge People who have special needs and it isn’t fair to them.


Trey Moses.

Trey Moses is definitely a young man who defines exactly what a student athlete should be. His desire to help others is definitely a great example for other young student athletes to follow. Ball State University is lucky to have a player on and off the court like Moses, who is just a kid from Louisville with a big heart to bring awareness for people with special needs.

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