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Bullitt East Lady Chargers Soccer 1 On 1 with Christian FosterAnalyzed Sports

August 18, 2015HighSchool, SoccerBullitt East Lady Chargers Soccer 1 On 1 with Christian Foster

Christian Foster

August 18, 2015 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)  By:  Charron Elliott

  Lady Chargers Want Redemption

The Bullitt East Lady Chargers Varsity Soccer team finished with a 12-9-3 record last season. They went all the way to the 6th Region Championship game before losing to the Lady Jaguars of Mercy 3-0. Although Bullitt East came up just short last year to becoming 6th Region Champions, there’s a lot of optimism revolving around this season for the Lady Chargers. A lot of that optimism has to do with the leadership of junior center/forward Christian Foster.

Christian Foster has been quite the star already in her two previous seasons at Bullitt East. In her freshman season she led the Lady Chargers in scoring with 39 goals on the season. The Lady Chargers went all the way to the 6th Region Championship in 2013, where they lost to the Lady Jaguars as well 2-1. So Analyzed Sports wanted to see what Christian Foster thinks her team needs to do to get that win in the 6th region Championship game. We also got to ask what she’s been working on over the summer and what her own personal goals are for the season.

Bullitt East Lady Chargers Soccer 1 On 1 with Christian Foster

Christian Foster (#0)

Analyzed Sports: The team was right there in the 6th championship game last season what will be the key for you all getting past that match this season?
Christian: I think the biggest key for us to get to state this year is to play together as a team and to utilize all positions on the field. When we learn how to attack from both sides and from different angles I think it will give our team the edge to win the regional tournament.

Analyzed Sports: What parts of your game have you been working on the most this summer ?
Christian: This summer I’ve been working on trying to read my teammates better and to get to know how they play. if I can predict what my teammates are gonna do and react the right way then I can become a better teammate for them.

Analyzed Sports: This will now be your 3rd consecutive year starting varsity for Bullitt East what does that mean to you?
Christian: I love playing for my school. Now that it my third year playing I have an overwhelming amount of support throughout the community. Going into my third year playing and starting varsity is a crazy feeling, I’m halfway done with high school and so I, and my teammates, really have to work hard to prove what we can do.. the time is ticking and this is our time to make history.

Analyzed Sports: What was it like as young female soccer player yourself witnessing the USWNT soccer team win the gold this summer?
Christian: Watching the USWNT win the gold medal was amazing. I watched in 2011 when we won silver and it was heartbreaking, but winning this year was not just a victory for their team it was a victory for all women athletes. I believe that win will not only bring recognition to women’s soccer but to women’s sports in general. But watching as a girl and as a soccer player it just showed that if you put in the work and believe that you can accomplish anything.

Analyzed Sports: What are your own personal goals this season?
Christian: I have a few personal goals, one is to break the scoring record at my high school by the time I graduate. Another is to be named to one of the All-State teams. But I also put a lot of pressure on myself to help my team reach our goals, so my main focus is to win hopefully both a district and region title this year.

Analyzed Sports: Who has influenced you the most as a female athlete ?
Christian: I don’t have one person or athlete that I look up to, when I play soccer I find motivation in and play for the people around me such as my teammates, parents, school, and community.

Analyzed Sports: With the edition of Louisville City Football Club to the state of Kentucky do you think the sport of soccer is growing on people here in KY?
Christian: Yes, I believe that soccer is a growing sport in Kentucky. More and more people are talking about it and supporting it and I think the World Cup and the edition of the Louisville City Football Club has made it grow even more.

Bullitt East Girls Soccer- 1 On 1 with Christian Foster

Christian Foster

Christian Foster and the Bullitt East Lady Chargers opened up the 2015 Varsity Girls Soccer Season on Monday. Bullitt East won easily against the PRP Lady Panthers 10-0, as Foster scored three goals in the game. “I have great teammates who set up a lot of my goals,” said Foster of her fellow Lady Chargers teammates. Bullitt East will play at home against Spencer County on Thursday at 5:30. The win against PRP is a great way to start the Lady Chargers Road to Redemption!

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