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Can the Shockers go 40 -0?


The question on everyone’s mind going into the NCAA Tournament is can the Wichita State Shockers go 40 – 0?  At the beginning of the season the talk of 40 – 0 was on the mind of another team the Kentucky Wildcats.  Right now Wichita State sits at 34 -0 and are the first team since the 1991 UNLV Rebels to enter the NCAA Tournament with an unblemished record.  The Shockers are receiving no respect from the nation whatsoever.  Many are saying they are not legitimate because their schedule which is ranked 89th in the nation is full of nobodies.  Their best wins include Saint Louis, BYU, and Tennessee.  I agree the Missouri Valley Conference is not a major conference in the country, but that doesn’t mean that can’t make a run.   In my informed opinion Wichita State has the same chance to make a run and win this tournament as do the defending national champs Louisville Cardinals.  Louisville schedule is only ranked 83rd nation, so if people feel they can make a run then so can the Shockers.  Here’s a little secret for everyone that’s a non believer in this squad, “It doesn’t matter what conference you play in if you’re an élite team”.  IT DOESN’T MATTER!  Wichita State is returning key players from a Final Four run in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.  In the Final Four game they were shocking the nation with the way the played the 2013 National Champs Louisville Cardinals.  That Louisville team is way better than the team that could enter the tournament as a #4 seed this year.  Get this, Wichita didn’t play anybody last year either.   When the 1991 UNLV Rebels enter the tournament, where they in a powerhouse conference? NO! That didn’t keep them from a run to the title game, because they were an élite team.  The same goes for this year’s Wichita State Shockers.  Shocker Nation stand up, because you are entering this tournament as a title contender and that’s all you can hope for when following your team. Can the Shockers go 40-0?, Absolutely!

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