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City Gone…State still Represented.

Shout out to the Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team for a great run in the NCAA Tournament.  Farewell to the Seniors, Russ Smith, Steven Van tress, Luke Hancock, Tim Henderson.  This has been a great era for Card-Nation. My continued support goes to the Lady Cardinals.  May they keep advancing.

Rivalry is good for the fans.  The Trophy of Bragging rights over the Bluegrass gives us a great since of pride for our teams, City and State.  In the NCAA Tournament at the end of the game one team moves on, the other team goes home to await another season.  We wish that the Louisville Cardinals had advanced to the Elite eight, but that didn’t happen, so with that being said, the best team won.  Since we Cardinal fans live in the State of Kentucky, Guess What…we are still being represented by the Kentucky Wildcats.  Now as hard as that is to swallow for many Cardinal fans,  It’s the Truth.  Red and Blue unite as one to represent the State of KENTUCKY. 2 Nations now undivided. United we stand, divided we fall.  So Go UK Wildcats!!!

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