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Cleveland Cavaliers 2014 Media Day – 5 Take-Aways – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

September 26, 2014Basketball

Cleveland Cavaliers

September 27, 2014 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

Cleveland Cavaliers 2014 Media Day 

Last year the Cavaliers media day will filled with a small amount of local reporters in what turned out to be a losing year for Cleveland.  This year the Cavaliers media day was filled with almost 400 media members in what looks to be a title contending year for the organization. The offseason additions of Lebron James and Kevin Love will do that for franchise, especially when there is a All-Star point guard running the team in Kyrie Irving.  What a difference a year makes!  The Cavaliers opened their facilities to the media for a first glance of the new look Cavaliers.  Here are 5 take aways from the Cleveland Cavaliers 2014 Media Day.

1.    Lebron James Weight-Loss:  King James playing weight over recent seasons is ususally around       260 plus pounds. James showed up to media day close to 250 pounds.  Lebron stated the                 weight-loss had nothing to do with anything basketball related.  In fact, it was a challenged he       made upon himself to stop eating candy during the summer that caused Bron to slim down.

2.   James received permission from children to return to Cleveland: Lebron said he didn’t                 explain anything to his kids about the decision, they basically explained it to him.  Here is               how it played out according to Lebron.

         James:  What do you think about Daddy going home to play?

         Kids:     Home? You’re talking about Cleveland?

         James:  Yeah.

         Kids:     You get to play with Kyrie Irving?  We get to go back to our house, and get to                                  go back to our old school and our old friends?

         James:  Yeah.

         Kids:     OK. You can do it.

    3.    Cavaliers Coach David Blatt Welcomes the expectations:  “The expectation is a good                    thing. Keeps all of us on our toes and motivated to the best job we can. Great names have              come into the organization and certainly people have a right to expect something from this            team. I know that names don’t play, teams do. Teams need some time to develop, to find                their identity and establish themselves. Our goals are high and we are not shying away from            that. Does that mean championship today? I don’t know. There are a lot of good teams out              there. We are going to work very hard to develop our game and identity. We are going to                get maximum commitment from our players.”

 4.     Kyrie is excited about the opportunity:  Kyrie Irving was drafted after the Lebron departure         and instantly became the face of the franchise.  Irving has failed to make the playoffs during           his short tenure as a Cavalier.  Things are about to change this year, as the Cavaliers will not           only make the playoffs, but will arguably be one of the favorites to win the Eastern                         Conference.  Irving is excited for the opportunity to learn aside some of the best players in             the world, and will use his experience with Team USA this past summer to bring leadership to         a team with title aspirations.

5.     Winning a NBA Championship is a Process:  Coach Blatt, Lebron, Kevin, and Kyrie all                     know the expectations for this season is winning a NBA championship.  Whether that’s fair or           unfair, true student’s of the game, should know that short cuts to the gold trophy can not               be taken.  It’s a process Lebron is all to familiar with being to 4 straight NBA finals with the             Heat.  The Cavaliers will need the full season to develop chemistry, just to have a shot at               winning a NBA championship.

Lebron James



Coach David Blatt

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