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Dayton Flyers campus after making Elite 8

via @WFNYJacob

via @WFNYJacob

The Dayton Flyers are still dancing.  Literally they’re dancing in the middle of the campus streets, and on top of roof tops after beating the Stanford Cardinals in the Sweet 16 82-72.  This is the first time the Dayton Flyers have made an appearance to the Elite since 1984.  Can the Flyers continue their magic against arguably one of the favorites in the Florida Gators to win it all?  It will be hard to keep Florida out of the Final Four, but in basketball anything can happen. These Flyers are coming through like a wrecking ball in the 2014 NCAA tournament.  Until then Dayton fans celebrate responsibly, and congratulations on your run through the tournament. Good Luck Saturday against the Gators.

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