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Derrick Rose – Return of the of Chi-town Assassin – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

August 5, 2014BasketballDerrick Rose

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 August 8 2014 Louisville, KY. 

 Return of the of  Chi-town Assassin 

Watching team USA basketball lately looks like a comeback party for Chicago native and Bulls star Derrick Rose. The blue vs white scrimmage was like the fancy invitation to D-rose’s comeback party. I think Rose showed more highlights and flashes in the first quarter of the Blue vs White scrimmage than he did in the 10 games he played the last two years. He looked stronger, faster and most importantly his confidence was out of the building. For an athlete to get injured and comeback to get injured again is tough, but maintaining confidence is the toughest obstacle an athlete has to overcome. If your a Bulls fan you should be super excited to see Derrick Rose hammering home a strong Tomahawk dunk in a scrimmage game without any thought of his landing.

Many people, including D-rose believe he is back as an elite level player. Here’s what Team USA’s Coach K had to say about Rose. “I think he’s exceptional in every way. He went right at it. The first defensive exchange in the camp, he was all over the ball handler, moving his feet, attacking him. There was a buzz right away because it was basically his saying, ‘Look, I’m not just back. I’m back at a level that’s elite.’”  Bulls Coach and Team USA assistant Coach Tom Thibodeau is also positive about D-rose’s return. “The way he looks right now, his body is strong, he’s feeling great. It’s been two years now since he’s had the ACL injury, and I think he feels good about where he is physically, and mentally he’s doing very well.”

The Biggest concern for the Bull’s Is can Rose play late into his 30’s and keep the Bull’s as contenders in the Eastern Conference ?

Here’s what Rose had to say about playing smarter and safer. “I’m able to control my body a little bit more, using my speed more, being smart with my speed rather than just running wild out there, I’ve become a smarter player, but I’m mad it took me seven years to learn it.”

“Trying to use a lot of floaters, a lot of pull-ups, stuff like that so you aren’t touched as much,” Rose said.

When you look at D-Rose’s game, he’s a MVP caliber player when he’s drawing fouls at the rim, attacking the basketball and being wild in the open the court. For Rose to return to his MVP year of 2010-2011, he must display some of those same skills mentioned above.  It’s OK for Rose to be conservative to help him avoid contact, but he’s has to be careful with being too conservative if he wants to return to his MVP form.  

Make sure to watch Derrick Rose’s next game as Team USA takes on Brazil in an exhibition game at the United Center on August the 16, 2014



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