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Dez Bryant living up to “The Legendary #88” – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

January 12, 2015FootballDallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant #88

By: Andrew Chapman Jr.                           January 12, 2015 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

“The Legendary #88”

It all started in The 1970’s with the incomparable Drew Pearson, who laid the play making ability blueprint for the legendary jersey number 88. In the beginning Cowboys Wideout Drew Pearson would catch long passes and quick strikes from Hall of Famer QB Roger Staubach to help create the fast pace style the Dallas Cowboys is known for today.

The Legendary Number of 88 was passed down and carried on by “The Playmaker” himself Michael Irvin with the help of 3 time Super Bowl QB Troy Aikman. Irvin and Aikman put their own spin on the original style created by Pearson and Staubach, but in the end Pearson and Irvin would be responsible for helping “America’s Team” win 5 Super Bowls wearing the Legendary Jersey Number of 88.

Drew Pearson & Michael Irvin "The Original" & "The Playmaker" No. 88

Drew Pearson & Michael Irvin “The Original” & “The Playmaker” No. 88

Which brings us to today, the day after the spectacular catch by the new number 88 Dez Bryant. The incredible catch came against the Green Bay Packers on a 4th and 2 call that was later overturned and called an incomplete pass ending the Cowboys chance to take the lead late in the 4th quarter with a 1st in-goal opportunity.

Although the NFL rule determined the catch to be ruled incomplete, the play from No. 88 Dez Bryant had the style and grace of Drew Pearson along with the swagger and intensiveness of Michael Irvin.  Dez Bryant is living up to the hype and legacy of the legendary number showing his deadly combination of the two previous playmakers wearing that same legendary 88. Bryant is adding his own swagger to the number as well having Cowboysnation smiling every time he throws up the Roc-Nation diamond and then the X after all his touchdowns. Hopefully the Super Bowls and the Hall of Fame awaits Dez like the other two 88‘s, only time will tell, but until then continue to watch, enjoy and recognize the greatness of the one hand grabs, the over the top alley-oop catches, the confidence, the swagger, the passion of yet another star with the star on his helmet, Dez Bryant, yet another “Legendary #88”.

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