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Diggin’ IT: Colonial Forge HS Volleyball – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

February 10, 2015HighSchool, RecruitingAll rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

All rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Diggin’ IT: Colonial Forge HS Volleyball

By: Trent A. Brinkley                                                             February 10, 2015

      I recently caught up with the Colonial Forge HS Volleyball team who went (23-8) this year under Coach Keith Mesa. The volleyball team had a 9 game winning streak, when asked about that winning streak, Junior Outside Hitter, Madi Porter said, “When we had that winning streak we never let it get to our heads. We always continued to work hard at practices and went into each match as if it was our last game.” Colonial Forge was led by five seniors (Isis Garcia, Kayla Ostendorf, Sydney Bell, Kiara Greene, and senior team captain Nicole Ibinson. Lead by the group of seniors, and talented players, the team finished #25 in the whole state of Virginia for all high school Womens’ volleyball teams. Below is the transcript of my interview with Madi Porter, Presley Maghan, and Nori Thomas, all members on the volleyball team.

Analyzed Sports: You all play for Coach Keith Mesa, what is it like to play for such a great coach?

Madi Porter: “Playing for Coach Mesa is an amazing experience. he always challenges us and pushes us to our limits. He dedicates a lot of time and energy into the team.”

Presley Maghan: “It’s fun to play for Coach Mesa he can be hard on you sometimes but it’s only to make you better.”

Nori Thomas: “I really enjoy playing for coach Mesa. He’s the type of coach who will joke around with you when appropriate, but will bring you back to reality when it is time to focus.”


Analyzed Sports: How does it feel that your team finished #25 in the state of Virginia for all HS Womens’ Volleyball teams?

Madi Porter: “The fact that we finished 25th in the state is amazing feeling. I’m very proud of my team for how well we did the season and how hard we work to get there.”

Presley Maghan: “Just working hard in practice and out of practice really it’s just who wants to win it more.”

Nori Thomas: “Finishing #25 was pretty amazing. We were a group of girls, who most didn’t think would bring a lot to the table, but we did and where we finished proved it.”


All rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

All rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Analyzed Sports: Your team had 5 seniors: Isis Garcia, Kayla Ostendorf, Sydney Bell, Kiara Greene, and Senior (C) Nicole Ibinson; describe what each player means to the team?

Madi Porter: “All five seniors on the team were really special and important to our success and they are family to us. They were leaders and we were relied on them a lot to take charge and be examples to the younger players.”

Presley Maghan: “They each meant a lot to the team they did a really great job this year and I’ll miss them.”

Nori Thomas: “Each player definitely played a special role on the team. Isis was a great Libero who always stepped up when needed, kayla was a great outside hitter who helped keep the team motivated, Kiara was a great setter when needed but also know how to put a ball away when on the right side or serving. Lastly, Sydney and Nicole both had special places in my heart. I felt very close to both because Sydney had some physical limitations like me and Nicole and I were both captains. The matter where they got asked to play they did an outstanding job.”


Analyzed Sports: When you all leave Colonial Forge HS, what do you want to be remembered for?

Madi Porter: “When I leave colonial Forge I want to be remembered for good sportsmanship and for always working my hardest.”

Presley Maghan: “I want to be remembered for most assists on the team I almost broke the record this last season, and be remembered as a good teammate.”

Nori Thomas: “I think we all want to be remembered as the small team that proved everyone wrong.”

All rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

All rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Analyzed Sports: Your team went 9-1 at home, I have heard the student section for Colonial Forge HS is intense, as it is called The Green Wall, what is it like to play in front of great students and fans?

Madi Porter: “Playing in front of the Green Wall really contributes to our success. It’s amazing to see all the students that show up for us every game and we always want to play better for them. The energy that they bring to the gym really helps us to play our best it makes a game so much more exciting for everyone.”

Presley Maghan: “It means a lot to have fans at our games, I like it better it makes it more exciting.”

Nori Thomas: “I love playing in front of The Green Wall.  The energy from the fans pumps of everyone on the team and when someone on the team makes a great player pumps up The Green Wall as well.”


Analyzed Sports: Who is everybody’s favorite volleyball player of all-time?

Madi Porter: “Personally my favorite professional player is Misty May Treanor. Even though she’s not an indoor player she is still my favorite. I know how hard it is to play beach volleyball and so watching her play is really impressive and I’m amazed every time I watch her play. Another one of my favorite volleyball players is Destinee Hooker. She just amazes me with how talented she is and how young she is to be on the US Olympic team.”

Presley Maghan: “My favorite volleyball player is Penn State Setter Micha Hancock she’s amazing.”

Nori Thomas: “My favorite volleyball player is Destinee Hooker, who plays for the USA Indoor Volleyball team.”


Analyzed Sports: Does the team have any pre-game superstitions? 

Madi Porter: “Our team doesn’t have very many Pregame superstitions. Towards the end of the season they got more extreme, like some of the girls would only put their gear on in the bleachers because I thought his bad luck to do it in the locker room. The only pregame superstition that we kept throughout the whole entire year was that in the huddle right before the game starts we would talk and we would always finish with the same phrase and Nori Thomas always let the huddle. I felt like it made our team focus and prepare for the game mentally.”

Presley Maghan: “Kind of were more superstitious in games like which sides to pick if we win or lose.”

Nori Thomas: “As a team our pregame superstition was saying the same thing on the court before every game.”



All rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

All rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Analyzed Sports: What are some things Coach Mesa has taught the team for off-the-court success?

Madi Porter: “Coach Mesa would talk to us about other things besides volleyball. he would encourage us to be good people in general and to be good students and always have respect for others.”

Presley Maghan: “He’s always told us to act and be the best and be confident.”

Nori Thomas: “I believe Mesa has taught us to always be ourselves and to always push our hardest. success on the court and in the classroom comes with hard work.”


Analyzed Sports: Does your team have a pre-game music playlist?

Madi Porter: “Every year we have a different pregame playlist. Normally the team just picks around 10 songs and someone on the team will make a CD and that’s the same seed you warm up to the whole year.”

Presley Maghan: “Yes, our pregame music gets me pumped.”

Nori Thomas: “I guess our pregame playlist is what we listen to for warm-ups I know we would all get hype when the wrecking ball remix came on.”


2014 Colonial Forge Volleyball Roster

#1  Senior        Isis Garcia               Libero #3  Senior        Olivia Behning         Defensive Specialist #4 Junior         Rachael Basile         Outside Hitter #5 Sophomore  Annika Goodell        Defensive Specialist #6 Sophomore  Kelsey Smith           Outside Hitter #9 Senior  (C)  Nicole Ibinson          Outside Hitter #12 Junior       Maddie Porter             Opposite Hitter #14 Senior       Kayla Ostendorf       Opposite Hitter #16 Junior (C) Nori Thomas             Middle Hitter #17 Senior       Kiara Greene            Striker, Defensive Specialist #18 Junior       Presley Maghan        Setter#19 Senior       Sydney Bell              Middle Hitter #21 Junior       Jannel Ezeagwu       Middle Hitter #24 Junior    Meredith McWilliams   Opposite HitterAll rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

All rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

     Special Thanks to Junior Outside Hitter Madi Porter, Junior Middle Hitter Nori Thomas, and Junior Striker Presley Maghan for taking part in the exclusive interview story in the Diggin’ IT Series. Another special thanks to Jennifer Muhlenbruck for taking all these photos and great action shots of the Colonial Forge Volleyball Team.

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