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Dirt on the Diamond #2: HS SS Logan Barker – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

February 2, 2015Archives, Baseball, HighSchool, RecruitingAll rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Dirt on the Diamond: Colonial Forge HS Sophomore SS Logan Barker

                                                                                                                               Edition #2

 By: Trent A. Brinkley                                                                       February 2, 2015

I recently caught up with Colonial Forge HS Sophomore SS, Logan Barker. He is the second player I am showcasing in my “Dirt on the Diamond” Series, which showcases HS, College, and Pro Baseball and Softball players, as well as HS, College, and Professional Softball teams as well. I did a story last week on his teammate Jr. Starting Pitcher, Matthew Nickles (https://www.analyzedsports.com/dirt-diamond-hs-jr-sp-matt-nickles/). In this edition of “Dirt on the Diamond,” Logan will tell us about his favorite baseball memory from his playing career, and I did an exclusive interview with him about all things baseball! In two weeks I will have another edition in the “Dirt on the Diamond” series with the ECU Club Baseball team. Check out Logan’s story below about what baseball means to Logan Barker.

What does Baseball mean to Logan Barker

      If I had to explain what baseball is to me, I would only need one word:  Everything! I began playing at the age of seven for the Stafford Baseball League.  I remember one game,  I was at-bat in machine pitch, when I hit solid line drive to left field for a triple and that’s when I was “hooked” and I knew I’d be playing baseball for the rest of my life.   I moved up and had the opportunity to play with great travel teams such as the Spotsylvania Hurricanes, Richmond Braves, Taylormade Mizuno, Evoshield Canes, and I currently play on the Virginia Cardinals.  One of the accomplishments that brings me great pride is the opportunity to play varsity for Colonial Forge and to play for Coach Szakelyhidi and his staff.  However, one constant and great influence has been my father, Byron Barker.  He has been my one and only coach throughout my career so far, and has always been there for me supporting my ups and downs.  I will always be grateful to him for what he has done for me, and what the game has done for me.  So in conclusion, baseball for me, is equal to life.  And I don’t think I could be without it in some way, shape, or form.

                                                  -Logan Barker

Analyzed Sports: What is your favorite baseball memory from your playing career?

Logan Barker: I would say when I played in my first playoff game for school and hit a grand slam.

Analyzed Sports: Talk about that experience from the at-bat, and feeling you had as your ran the bases?

Logan Barker: Well, it was a 1-2 count, and the pitcher threw a hanging curveball. I had to take advantage of that and it was something that I could get My hands to, to hit the ball hard. The feeling was unbelievable because I was only a freshman and it was my first high school HR.

Analyzed Sports: How did you get interested in playing baseball?

Logan Barker: I wanted to play a ball related sport while I was swimming so I just tried out baseball and it just clicked from there.

All rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Analyzed Sports: Heading into your sophomore season, what are your personal expectations?

Logan Barker: I expect this season to be my breakout season of my career in high school.

Analyzed Sports: What does baseball mean to you in three words?

Logan Barker: Baseball to me in three words means: life, happiness, relaxation. 

Analyzed Sports: We recently did a story on Matt Nickles, talk a little about what kind of player Matt Nickles is on and off the diamond? 

Logan Barker: On the diamond, Matt is all about getting things done the right way and having fun at the same time. Off the field, Matt is a funny guy. Me, him and his brother, and some other players workout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I feel like Matt knows that I can be better than I am now, so he’s always there to push me too.

Analyzed Sports: What do you like to do in your free time off-the-diamond?

Logan Barker: I just had a poker game with a few of the teammates, so that’s a new hobby I picked up. But mainly get my homework done, workout, and play PS4.

All rights go to Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Analyzed Sports: What is your favorite baseball movie of all-time? 

Logan Barker: That’s a tough one, haha. My favorite would be The Natural.

Analyzed Sports: If you could pick 8 other players either local HS players or players you played with to be on your All-Star team, who would you pick?

Logan Barker: Jacob Menders, Matt Nickles, Michael Nickles, Shawn Nickles, Gabe Shilke, Tanner Sullivan, DJ Lardge, and Owen Schneider.

Analyzed Sports: If you could play in one MLB park for one game what park would you pick?

Logan Barker: I would pick the Baltimore Orioles park, Camden Yards, to play in. 

Analyzed Sports: Who wins the World Series this year?

Logan Barker: I would say the Los Angeles Angels will win the 2016 World Series.

Analyzed Sports: Do you have a motivational quote you look up to?

Logan Barker: “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.” – Derek Jeter

Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

Jennifer Muhlenbruck Photography

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