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“Is Jerry Rice Really Better Than Michael Irvin”?

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It has long been thought by many that Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers, is the best wide receiver to ever play the game.  In recent years a question has come up, Is Jerry Rice really better than Michael Irvin the wide receiver of the Dallas Cowboys.  I always made the judgement that #88 was a better all around receiver than #80.  Without a doubt the stats tell you that Jerry Rice holds all of the receiving records,but if you look at the full body of work from both players #88 was a bigger, faster, and more aggressive leader and player.  It was #88 that held those 90’s Dallas Cowboys teams together.  He was as Troy Aikman said the soul of the team, the heart, and the one on the sidelines screaming for his teammates to give all they could for the team. Both men are now in the Hall of Fame, so maybe this question is of no consequence.  What do you think?  I give this matter to the people.

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