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JaMarco Haskins’s Conquest to Glory – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

January 17, 2015Recruiting, Basketball, HighSchoolJaMarco Haskins in Starting Lineup. Amber Roca Photography

JaMarco Haskins in Starting Lineup. Amber Roca Photography

By: Trent A. Brinkley                              January 17, 2015. Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

JaMarco Haskins’s Conquest to Glory

Colonial Forge HS Senior SG (6-4 190lbs) JaMarco Haskins, is coming off a Double-Double Performance, (19 points 10 rebounds 4 assists), in a 91-48 win over Massaponax HS Friday Night. He took a few minutes to do an exclusive interview with me following the game Friday Night. Below is the transcript of that interview.

Analyzed Sports: How did you get interested in playing basketball?

JaMarco Haskins: I honestly don’t know how I got interested in playing basketball but I started playing it when I was five years old. 

Analyzed Sports: You play for Coach Jason John. What is it like to play for him?

JaMarco Haskins: Playing for him has probably been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only does he teach me on the court but off the court he does too. He’s always on my butt either when I do something wrong or gets in trouble. He stays on me because he knows how good of a player and person I can be.

Analyzed Sports: Your team is currently 14-1 in your senior season, what are some of the keys to success for this team? 

JaMarco Haskins: Our keys to success so far have been our play of defense, us executing in the half court on offense, out rebounding teams, and how well we play together. We all have each other’s back and the bond we have is what I think makes us so close.

Analyzed Sports: What style of offense do you run at Colonial Forge HS?

JaMarco Haskins: We run a 3 around 2 and motion type offense. But our coaches tell us to get the ball inside to our center Winston Burgess because, there’s no one in the state that can guard him and I honestly believe that. 

Analyzed Sports: You play along side seniors: TJ Flood, Isiah Williams, Eric Washington, and Winston Burgess; what is like to be one of the senior leaders on this team?

JaMarco Haskins: Playing along them has been pretty good so far. We’re are all close and most of us grew up in middle school together besides Winston. We just have a bond that no one can break.

Analyzed Sports: You play the SG and SF/Wing position for Colonial Forge, what are the differences in those two positions?

JaMarco Haskins: Well yes, I played SG in AAU with Boo Williams and I think that’s the position I’ll most likely play in college. I think the main difference in the positions is rebounding, and that’s what separates me from most two guards is how well I rebound and pass the ball. 

JaMarco Haskins (3) Shooting a 3 Pointer over a defender. Photography by Amber Roca

JaMarco Haskins (3) Shooting a 3 Pointer over a defender. Photography by Amber Roca

Analyzed Sports: What colleges are looking to recruit you for next year?

JaMarco Haskins: Their are colleges recruiting me at all three levels, but as of now I’m just going to keep my options open and at the end of the season, see where my recruitment is at. 

Analyzed Sports: Who is a player that you style your game after?

JaMarco Haskins: My favorite player is Kevin Durant, so I try to style it after him somewhat. But my dad has told me before that I have a game like Paul Pierce.

Analyzed Sports: If you could pick 4 current or past College and Pro players to be on your pick-up team, who would you pick and why?

JaMarco Haskins: It would have be Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka, and Steve Adams. 4 out of the 5 OKC starters because I like the way they play together and the chemistry they have with one another

Analyzed Sports: Who is your favorite basketball coach of all-time?

JaMarco Haskins: My favorite basketball coach of all  time probably would have to be Coach Pittman (AAU coach when I was younger) and Coach Verdell ( Played with him 6th-10th grade) they both taught a whole lot in my basketball careers, off the court too. Coach Verdell was like a second father to me. 

Analyzed Sports: Do you have a motivational quote that you look up to?

JaMarco Haskins: Probably “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” because I know God blessed me with a talent in basketball but I know if I don’t work hard and just settle to be good, anyone can out work me any day. 

Analyzed Sports: What does basketball mean to you?

JaMarco Haskins: Basketball means a lot to me, it’s like when I’m not in school or hanging out with family or friends, I’m working on my game or doing something involving basketball. The passion, love, and desire I have for the game is just unbelievable.

JaMarco Haskins (3) drives by his defender for a layup. Amber Roca Photography

JaMarco Haskins (3) drives by his defender for a layup. Amber Roca Photography

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