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Jim Brown “The man & The myth”

photo via -espncdn.com

photo via -espncdn.com

July 7, 2014 Louisville, Ky. 

Jim Brown “The man & The myth”

As I flipped through an old book a Hall of Fame Card fell out.  The name on it took me back two my childhood days when my father used two tell me the story of the best running back of all time.  Jim Brown #32 of the Cleveland Browns.  As most experts will tell you Jim Brown is the arguably the greatest running back of all-time.  With his size , strength, and explosiveness, he was hard to bring down with just one defender.  He was rookie of the year in 1957.  He earned honors of all-pro in all 9 seasons of his National Football League career.  During his career in the NFL he gained 12,312 rushing yards, had 126 touchdowns, while averaging 5.2 yards per carry.  Brown rushed for 100 yards or more 58 times, and won 8 rushing titles out of his 9 years in the league.  In 1963 Jim had his best year rushing for 1,863 yards.  The stats speak for themselves.  If anyone of you saw him there is no doubt he is one of the greatest rushers of all-time.  Check the films, check the record, in the days of real old school football Jim played with a toughness rarely seen in today’s game.  Brown running style punished any defender trying to stop him.  As Jim Brown once said “To run out-of-bounds is the answer of a weak mind”. That was his mentality and how he went about playing the game of football.  Many who saw him played would agree that #32 was born to run the football.   In the 60’s he was one of the few who stood up as a strong black man.  He spoke his mind and backed it up on the field.  He had the support of Muhammad Ali, Bill Russell, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar during the segregation era of the country.  Jim Brown has opened many doors for the athletes of today.  His film career was important for many young African-Americans to see a role model of a strong man on film.  Enough cannot be said about him impact.  When it comes to football players #32 is without question one of best of his era.  Jim Brown went out on top as a real champion should.  He retired from the game at an early age of 29 after winning the Super Bowl in 1965.

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