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Kam Chancellor: The Waiting Game is Finally Over – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

September 24, 2015FootballKam Chancellor: The Waiting Game is Finally Over

Kam Chancellor: Photo Credit: Ryan Lock

September 24, 2015 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)  By: S.K. Patrick

Kam Chancellor: The Waiting Game is Finally Over

Seahawks look to soar once more this NFL season. Seahawks are seeking to play in their third straight Super Bowl. This offseason the Seahawks were left to ponder the lost to the Patriots and the now infamous final play call. They had a great off season and made a huge acquisition of tight end Jimmy Graham. Jimmy is regarded around the league as the second best tight end behind Gronk. Adding him to an average passing attack has the Seahawks poised to make another run at the Lombardi Trophy. With as much success as this team has had it seems like the only thing that can stop them are themselves.

The concern was on the defense side of the ball. The Seattle Seahawks was without a star defensive back from the Legion of Boom that may have been responsible for the unfortunate 0-2 start to the 2015 NFL season.  After signing a lackluster contract for a player of an all-pro caliber, Kam Chancellor held firm on his stance of holding out until he got the contract he felt he was worth.  After the 0-2 start Kam had a change of heart ended the holdout and will focus on restructuring his contract at the end of the season.

Kam Chancellor in 2013 signed a four-year, $28 million extension. This year it’s worth$4.55 million, the contract is through 2017. The three time Pro Bowler is not in top 15 of contract salary for the strong safety position. Kam Chancellor put up 104 tackles with one interception in 14 games last season. The year before that he accounted for a career-high 134 tackles. It’s easy to understand why he believes he is worth more than his current contract.

Kam Chancellor: The Waiting Game is Finally Over

Kam Chancellor #31 – Richard Sherman #25

With the Seahawks locking up key players Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas, and Bobby Wagner money was just too tight to restructure the extension Kam signed in 2012. This could be the impending doom of the Legion of Doom chemistry as a defense, if it divided the locker room after losing the first two games to the Ram and Seahawks. Had Chancellor carried his holdout through the regular season, he would have lost out on $267,647 for every game he missed.

“I’ve always been a guy who follows my heart, and just watching my teammates and my team play week to week, first, second game, watching those losses, it hurt me being the leader that I am,” Chancellor said after watching the Seahawks open the season with losses to St. Louis and Green Bay.”      

This was a rare situation where both sides are in the right. Kam Chancellor is a top 10 safety and deserves to be paid as such. With the Seahawks financial hindered they almost have no way to give him a pay raise. The Seahawks are concerned if they give in to his demands that it will open up a can of worms of other players will threatening to hold out for a new contract. The Seahawks have given in the past, but the trend may have stopped with Kam. Hopefully this situation works itself after the season, because Kam on the field makes the NFL a better product and the Seattle Seahawks a better team.

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