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Little League World Series – 3 Reasons to Tune In.. – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

August 12, 2014Baseball

Lil League World Series

August 12, 2014 Louisville, KY. 

3 Reasons to Tune into the Little League World Series

 Mo'Ne Davis

 Mo’Ne Davis is the number 1 reason to tune into the famous baseball tournament held in South Williamsport, PA.  Mo’Ne Davis is a female pitcher of the Taney Dragons out of Philadelphia, PA. She is the pride of Philly, and she’s the 17th female player to play in the Little League World Series’ 68 year history.  This past Sunday Mo’Ne led her team to the Little League World Series over a squad out of Delaware by throwing a 3 hitter. The 13-year-old struck out 6 players at bat in the six inning game, while throwing 70 mph fast balls. Final Score of the game 8-0. It was also entertaining to watch this female athlete frustrate some of the male players of the opposing team with her exceptional pitching. Watch one of her strikeouts in the video below.  You can catch Mo’Ne and the Taney Dragons this Friday on ESPN at 3 pm in their first Little League World Series game against South Nashville,Tennessee.

Do you need another reason to tune in? I would be sold after hearing about Mo’Ne Davis.  Reason number 2 to watch this year’s Little League World Series is coming from a positive story out of Chicago Illinois. With all the violence happening in the inner city of Chicago’s neighborhoods, it’s great to hear something positive for a change.  That positive, is Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West All-Stars team. The Jackie Robinson West All-Stars are the first team from the state of Illinois to make the Little League World Series in 3 decades. This team is tough like their hometown of Chicago too.  Jackie Robinson West trailed 5-0 after two innings against the New Albany, Ind. All-Stars this past Saturday. Most teams would have crumbled facing that type of adversity, but not this team from the South Side of Chicago.  Their perseverance paid off in the fifth inning off the Grand Slam home run of teammate Cameron Bufford.  This would be one of two home runs that led Jackie Robinson West to a 12-7 victory and the right to play in the Little League World Series this week. Set your DVR’s for this Thursday as Jackie Robinson West takes on a team out of Lynnwood, Washington in the first round of the Little League World Series on ESPN at 2pm.  Good Luck to the Great Lakes Little League Champions. 

Jackie Robinson West All Stars

Last but not least. Short, but definitely sweet. There’s just something about watching kids play for the love of the game no matter what Little League sport they’re competing in.  As Michael Jordan once said “Love is playing the game as if it’s your last” True love of the game is pure, innocent and deep. Tune in for the Love of the game. 


Here’s the 2014 Little League World Series schedule. 

DateTime (ET)GameMatchupTV InfoThu., Aug. 141 p.m.1Asia-Pacific vs. Europe-AfricaESPN 3 pm.2Great Lakes vs. NorthwestESPN 5 p.m.3Caribbean vs. AustraliaESPN2 7 p.m.4Midwest vs. WestESPN2Fri., Aug. 151 p.m.5Mexico vs. CanadaESPN 3 p.m.6Mid-Atlantic vs. SoutheastESPN 5 p.m.7Latin America vs. JapanESPN2 8 p.m.8Southwest vs. New EnglandESPNSat., Aug. 1612 p.m.9Game 1 Loser vs. Game 3 LoserESPN 2 p.m.10Game 2 Loser vs. Game 4 LoserABC 5 p.m.11Game 5 Loser vs. Game 7 LoserESPN2 7 p.m.12Game 6 Loser vs. Game 8 LoserESPNSun., Aug. 1712 p.m.13Game 1 Winner vs. Game 3 WinnerESPN 2 p.m.14Game 2 Winner vs. Game 4 WinnerABC 5 p.m.15Game 5 Winner vs. Game 7 WinnerESPN 7 p.m.16Game 6 Winner vs. Game 8 WinnerESPN2Mon., Aug. 1811 a.m.Cons. AGame 9 Loser vs. Game 10 LoserESPN2 1 p.m.17Game 15 Loser vs. Game 9 WinnerESPN 3 p.m.18Game 16 Loser vs. Game 10 WinnerESPN 6 p.m.19Game 13 Loser vs. Game 11 WinnerESPN2 8 p.m.20Game 14 Loser vs. Game 12 WinnerESPN2Tue., Aug. 1912 p.m.Cons. BGame 11 Loser vs. Game 12 LoserESPN 3 p.m.21Game 17 Winner vs. Game 19 WinnerESPN 7:30 p.m.22Game 18 Winner vs. Game 20 WinnerESPNWed., Aug. 203 p.m.23Game 13 Winner vs. Game 15 WinnerESPN 7:30 p.m.24Game 14 Winner vs. Game 16 WinnerESPNThu., Aug. 213 p.m.25Game 21 Winner vs. Game 23 LoserESPN 7:30 p.m.26Game 22 Winner vs. Game 24 LoserESPNSat., Aug. 2312:30 p.m.27International ChampionshipABC 3:30 p.m.28United States ChampionshipABCSun., Aug. 2410 a.m.29Third-Place GameESPN 3 p.m.30World Series ChampionshipABC




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