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Louisville Male Bulldogs Football- 1-On-1 with Klarans Jones – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

August 5, 2015Archives, Football, HighSchool


August 5, 2015 Louisville, KY (Analyzed Sports) By: Charron Elliott

Making The Transition

The Bulldogs of Louisville Male High School had quite the 2014 season under head Coach Chris Wolfe.  Male finished the regular season undefeated but lost in overtime 38-31 to Trinity in the 2nd round of the KHSAA Playoffs.  Although most of the attention was focused on the high scoring Bulldogs offense, Male’s defense only allowed their opponents to score just 13 points per game last season.  Over the summer Male also managed to win the National select Seven on Seven Football title, the first time a school from Kentucky has ever won it.

So what will be the keys to the Bulldogs success this season?  Well it could start in the secondary at the Cornerback position with players like Demetrius Holt and James Todd returning for their senior seasons, Male will have two very talented Cornerbacks/Defensive Backs. There is also a newcomer on the varsity team as well in Klarans Jones, who’s looking to make his own impact on the team. The 6 foot 170 lb Cornerback spent his sophomore season playing on Male’s Junior Varsity squad, but as the tallest CB on the Bulldogs roster Jones will have his share of chances on the varsity club this season.  Male’s Defensive Coordinator Ron Wakefield could use Jones in situations when there are bigger receivers on the field for the opposing offense. Analyzed Sports was able to talk with Klarans Jones about his transition from JV to Varsity and his goals with the team this season.

KJ Jones

KJ Jones and the Bulldogs during warm ups.

Analyzed Sports: What was your sophomore season like at Male learning from some of the upperclassmen like Etonio Palmer, Deiondre Coleman, and other players who have played your position?

KJ: It was great they really taught me a lot, they taught me about leadership and not to worry about a bad play. They were just great teammates to have.

Analyzed Sports: What has been the main focus for you this off-season as you prepare to have a larger role on the Varsity team?

KJ: I have just been doing what I can to get better and help the team this season.

Analyzed Sports: What are your individual goals for this season?

KJ: I want to try to get a pick (interception) and five tackles every game. I am also aiming to make the All-District team.Analyzed Sports: What is it like battling a Division One wide receiver like Keion Wakefield each practice?

KJ: It’s great, I know if I can stop him sometimes in practice then i can stop anybody. We have the best receiver in the state and going against him will make game day easier for me.

Analyzed Sports: Male is ranked in the top 100 of all the high school football programs in the country, what will be the key to the team living up to the hype?

KJ: We have to have mental toughness like coaches say, as well as the discipline. We need to stay focused because we definitely have the talent no doubt.

Analyzed Sports: What impact do you think winning the Seven on Seven title will have on the team this season?

KJ:  It gives us a lot of confidence, if we can win down there we can win anywhere. They are real big on football and we beat the home team on their home field!

 Analyzed Sports: Lastly I have to ask…Darrelle Revis or Richard Sherman who’s the better Cornerback?KJ: I would say Sherman  because I am built more like him than Revis.  Sherman also has more swagger and confidence!Bulldogs1Klarans does have a point about those last two as Sherman seems to relish from the attention of opposing teams and their fans.  It may be something KJ could add to his own game, but with this being his first year really being an impact player on varsity he will have to earn the respect of his opponents.  He will have his first chance to do that on August 21, as Male will open the 2015 Varsity Football season against Floyd Central. It will be interesting to see how Klarans Jones makes the transition to playing against tougher competition week after week.Follow Writer: @charron_elliottFollow Official Page: @AnalyzedSportsInstagram:  OfficialAnalyzedSportsFacebook:  AnalyzedSports Be Sociable, Share! Tumblr



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