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Mr. Fred Glass – Reasons why you’re no longer “Indiana” – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

March 18, 2014 Basketball

March 18, 2014 Louisville, Ky. (Analyzed Sports)

 Mr. Fred Glass – Reasons why you’re no longer “Indiana” 

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass decided not to headline the CBI tournament after the Hoosiers wasn’t invited to play in the N.I.T.   Glass addressed the local media about his decision stating, “We’re Indiana. We don’t play in the CBI.”  Mr. Fred Glass I have several reasons why you’re no longer the “Indiana” program you say you are, and for these reasons alone should have had your Men’s IU basketball team opening up in the CBI tourney.

#1 The “Were Indiana” Program you claim you are would never rush the court against Kentucky no matter how much the program was down.  At least the top programs in Kentucky wouldn’t do that, but were real basketball country down here.  11 Titles and the Last 2 Champs from our state, when was the last time you won it?  1987 on a lucky Keith Smart shot….

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#2 The “We’re Indiana” program you claim wouldn’t make a popcorn box commemorating the court you rushed from a previous season.  Seriously you lost points as a Top 5 program with this, but it gets worse.

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# 3 Cutting Nets after a loss and celebrating a Shared Regular Season BIG 10 Title like it was the NCAA Championship.  I know its been a long time, but that’s BUSCH LEAGUE and desperate for a program of your caliber. You know better. Shame on IU Mr. Glass, that’s not “Were Indiana” like.  In the state of Kentucky we have been known to win Regular Season and Conference Tournaments and just leaving the nets alone, because we want to cut the real NETS..





#4 Assembly Hall is trying to kill people. Do you understand why UK doesn’t want to play in that dump now?

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#5 Although there are several more reasons why you’re no longer “Indiana”, this last one takes the cake, seriously I wrote the NCAA a letter to ask them to vacate one of your 5 titles after this ridiculousness. Top 15 Programs shouldn’t rush the court period, but rushing the court against a non Top 15 program deserves the SMU death penalty.  Dear Mr. Fred Glass Your “Were Indiana” Program is a joke, and you’re a joke for turning down the opportunity for this IU team to continue to get much-needed games under their belt in the CBI tourney.   Shots Fired….

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