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Nation’s Best Rivalry.. The Face-off in Naptown



March 26, 2014

On Friday, March 28, at about 10PM on CBS, the nations best college basketball rivalry will play a NCAA Sweet 16 game inside Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The winner moves on to play in an Elite Eight game between the winner of Tennessee/Michigan.   Many people across the nation believe the best rivalry in college basketball is Duke and North Carolina.  I respectfully disagree.  The Kentucky Wildcats and the Louisville Cardinals is the most heated, passionate, and best rivalry the nation has to offer when it comes to college ball.  The two fan-bases literally hate each other with a passion. In our state you’re either red or blue and there is no in between.  The largest city in the state of Kentucky, Louisville is split with both Kentucky Blue and Louisville Red. It’s so serious even the major of Louisville Greg Fischer has thrown jabs at the State school and the fans within the city after declaring Friday Cardinal Red Day :
“They say they’re never going to vote for me again,” “I’m willing to take that risk. I remind them I’m the mayor of Louisville and not the mayor of Lexington.”
Its a way of life in this state.  With the states of North Carolina, Indiana, and Kansas all sitting home to watch the rest of the tournament, the state of Kentucky will shine bright Friday night.  Not only are we the best rivalry, but we’re also the basketball capital of the nation as well.  How could I say something like that? It’s easy, we just care more about college basketball more than any other state in the nation. According to ESPN Television ratings Louisville,KY home of Cards & Cats fans is the highest rated market for watching regular season college basketball games.
“For the 12th consecutive year, Louisville was the highest-rated metered market for ESPN’s regular-season telecasts, averaging a 4.5 rating. Greensboro, Kansas City and Raleigh-Durham finished tied for second with a 2.8 rating. It marks the third straight year Greensboro has ended the season in the second spot. The remaining top 10 is Memphis (2.6), Columbus (2.0), Cincinnati (1.9), Knoxville (1.9), Dayton (1.9) and Indianapolis (1.8)”. Quote via
The country needs to understand, we don’t have any professional franchises in the state of Kentucky.  Our college basketball teams are our professional teams.  This is what we do, and were the best at what we do with the last 2 NCAA National Champs (UK 2012 UL 2013) from our state. We will put up our total Final Fours of 23 and 11 Titles against any state in the country that acts like they want some.  We don’t play in the same conference for a chance to face each other a possible 3 times like some of those other water down rivalries. We play each other once a year and the winner of that game in December will have bragging rights for 365 unless we meet in the NCAA tourney.  North Carolina we also don’t storm courts in the state of Kentucky after beating our arch rival either. The NCAA Committee did us a disservice by placing us in the same region. The NCAA Committee should have known to put the last 2 champs on the opposite sides of the bracket for a chance to meet in the Championship game in North Texas. Anyway, let us fight, so the nation can see how 2 proud basketball powers do it in Kentucky.  Like DJ Khaled says “All we do is win, win, win, no matter what” cause “We the Best”
photo via ukathletics

photo via ukathletics



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    I loved reading this article, It was very well written.

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    March 27, 2014 at 3:55 am

    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed reading this article.

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