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NBA Playoffs: Derrick Rose Recreates New Memory For Chicago Fans – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

May 9, 2015BasketballNBA Playoffs: Derrick Rose Recreates New Memory For Chicago Fans

Derrick Rose (#1) (Photo by: Chicago Bulls AP and Twitter)

Louisville, KY May 5, 2015 (Analyzed Sports)     By: Charron Elliott

The Shot Part Two: Rose Edition

The day was May 7th 1989, although I wasn’t around at the time I have seen videos of what happened on that day. It was Game 5 of the 1989 NBA Playoffs, as the Chicago Bulls played the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland. The Bulls were down by 100 -99 and had the ball with three seconds remaining. What would happened after the ball was in-bounded, will forever be on the mind of Cleveland fans.

 Chicago’s Michael Jordan would pull up for a jump shot over Cleveland’s Craig Ehlo with exactly one second remaining in the game and he would make the shot at the buzzer giving the Bulls a 101-100 win over the Cavaliers. That shot by MJ eliminated the Cavs out of the NBA Playoffs and it would be one of his many game winners throughout his career. However this particular moment in his career was so big sports fans call it “The Shot”.

So Why did I bring up a play that happened 26 years and two days ago? Well ironically on Friday night the Chicago Bulls would be tied at 96 in game three of the NBA Playoffs against the Cleveland Cavaliers, with three seconds to go. Entering the game the series was  tied 1-1 as the Bulls had split two games with Cavs in Cleveland. Unlike the Jordan scenario this wasn’t an elimination game for either team, but it was still equally important. That being said here’s what happened after Bulls forward Mike Dunleavy inbounded the ball.

Dunleavy got the ball to Bulls point guard, Derrick Rose, and he dribbled to the right side of the court. Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson went out to challenge Rose, however Rose was still able to get off a tough three-point shot attempt. Rose released the basketball from his hands with exactly 1.1 seconds left in the game and it would hit the backboard and go straight through the net at the buzzer. The Bulls would win the game 99-96 and now have a 2-1 series lead over the Cavaliers.

As I stated before although last night wasn’t an elimination game, it still brings back a bitter taste for Cleveland fans. Also the way this series is going back and forth it may come down to this one play deciding on who advances to the next round of the playoffs or not. Game four will be this Sunday in Chicago and if it is anything like game three was the Chicago and Cleveland’s ambulances/emergency staffs will have their hands full. Especially for Cavs fans who have now witnessed “The Shot” part two, the Derrick Rose edition.

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