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NFL- The NFL Puts The Hammer Down? – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

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September 17, 2014Football


September 18, 2014 Louisville,KY. (Analyzed Sports)

What Will Be The Future of The NFL?

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most popular sport organizations in America and has millions of viewers worldwide. Also the players (employees) in the NFL are held to higher standards due to their roles as public figures.  When players do something that is detrimental to the league they are to suffer the consequences for those actions. Unfortunately, for the NFL the last couple weeks have been horrendous as far as players not only misrepresenting the league, but also breaking the laws of the United States Justice System.


Last Monday former Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice, was suspended  out of the NFL after the world had seen this video that was release by TMZ of Rice punching Janay Palmer Rice (current wife) inside of an elevator. TMZ had released another video in July of Ray Rice dragging Janay outside of the elevator, which led to Rice initially being suspended just two games and being fined $58,000 by the NFL. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he had made a mistake, when discussing the league’s initial suspension of Rice. Ray Rice’s contract was also terminated by the Baltimore Ravens and now Rice is fighting to appeal the NFL’s decision to suspend him.

Also surfacing in the NFL last week was the suspension of Minnesota Vikings star running back, Adrian Peterson. Peterson was suspended by the NFL after he was alleged  to have abused his four-year old son. He didn’t play in the Vikings game on Sunday and Wednesday it was announced by the Minnesota Vikings that Peterson would be exempted from team activities until his case was settled. The Vikings will however pay Peterson his regular salary.


Another suspension that was made by the NFL last week was the suspension of Carolina Panthers defense end, Greg Hardy. Hardy was convicted of assaulting a woman in July and is currently appealing the case. He also sat out in the Panthers game, but was paid by them. Wednesday the Panthers exempted Hardy from team activities and don’t plan on allowing him back on the team until his case is settled. Hardy will also be paid his regular salary from the Carolina Panthers.

Lastly Wednesday Arizona Cardinals running back, Jonathan Dwyer, was deactivated from the team and exempt from all team activities. Dwyer was arrested Wednesday for an alleged aggravated assault from two incidents in July that involved a 27-year-old and an 18 month child. Dwyer’s case is currently going under investigation from the Arizona Police Department.

Though the NFL is exciting on the field, off the field the league has had better weeks! Hopefully with the new policies the NFL  have put in place players will act appropriately. The question that raises from all of these numerous criminal acts committed by its players, is what will be the future of the NFL?

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