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March 14, 2014BasketballVIA BLEACHEREPORT


March 14,2014

The Young Kentucky Wildcats open in the SEC tournament tonight @ 7pm against a team that caused them problems during the regular season.  The LSU Tigers blew out Kentucky at their place, and it took a lucky scoop shot by Julius Randle in OT to keep the Tigers from beating UK at Rupp.  Last night fans were pulling for Alabama to upset LSU for an easier opponent to face tonight in the Georgia Dome.  Even though LSU causes match up problems for UofK, Calipari and the Cats should not want any easy opponent going forward.  Calipari has the fan-base going crazy saying he Tweaked something in the offense that changed everything.  What is Calipari’s Tweak?  Per Calipari he states if you know basketball you will be able to tell what the tweak is when you see it. Whatever the tweak is, this team now must erase the under achieved regular season to make a run in any tournament play.  Now is the time.. It’s either win and March on, or lose and go home.  No more excuses as to being young, or tweaks to the offense, or the refs not calling the game correct.  All the adversity faced with this team from the regular season should elevate them to make a run in post season.  Who knows what team shows up tonight, but if this team can play with some fight and heart from the opening tip, it could be a dangerous squad to face in March.  We all know what they say about IFS though…. Coach Cal said earlier this year he wanted his team to FAIL FAST.  I would say to this team at the end of the year is to PLAY WITH HEART & CONFIDENCE.  We will know what team shows up and what the tweak was after the final horn tonight, but until then NOW IS THE TIME……

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