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One On One with Whitney Creech – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

January 28, 2015Basketball, HighSchool

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By: Charron Elliott                                     January 28, 2015 Louisville, KY (Analyzed Sports)

KHSAA’s Leading Scorer 

There have been great scorers in the game of basketball, but in the state of Kentucky there is one that is just a little better than everyone else. While the Jenkins High School Lady Cavaliers have a record of only seven wins and 13 losses and are just 3-4  in District play, Junior forward Whitney Creech has been playing at another level.

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Whitney Creech (#5)

Whitney Creech now in her junior year of high school has just been a scoring machine! Now when most people think of someone who averages 40 points per game they think that player is selfish or is shooting below 50 %, not Whitney! She has averaged 40 points per game while shooting nearly 60% from the field and she’s grabbing 10 rebounds per game as well. Creech also scored 64 points in a game against Clintwood Virginia, while shooting 82% and making only one three pointer! So  Analyzed Sports had to catch up with the terrific scorer Whitney Creech out of Jenkins High School.

Analyzed Sports: First off you lead not only KHSAA girls basketball in scoring but boys as well so how does that make you feel?

Whitney: I think it’s an honor to lead the state in scoring but I try not worry about it. I’m just focusing on playing the game I love and helping my team win.

Analyzed Sports: Is most of your scoring done within the flow of the offense or is it mostly you looking to make a play?

Whitney: My scoring is mostly done on fast breaks. If we are in our half court offense it’s mostly me trying to create my own shot or my teammates.

Analyzed Sports: You also rebound the ball well so how do you manage to average so many points and still get 10 rebounds?

Whitney: I get my rebounds by just being aggressive. I try to go for every ball.

Analyzed Sports: A lot of people score 40 points but few do it shooting 60% from the field, how have you managed to keep your shooting percentage so high?

Whitney: I keep my shooting percentage high by having a good shot selection. I know what shots and areas on the court I’m most comfortable with. I also try not force any shots and let the game come to me.

Analyzed Sports: Lastly who is your favorite female athlete ?

Whitney: Skylar Diggins, because she does everything. She can score, she can pass, she can rebound, and defend.

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Whitney Creech (#5)

Whitney’s last game included 47 points and 12 rebounds in a win against June Buchanan on Tuesday night. The next game for Whitney and the Lady Cavaliers will be Fiday at home against Pikeville at 7:30 pm.The Lady Cavaliers have six games remaining on the schedule so I wouldn’t be surprised if Whitney Creech has another big game in the 60’s. One key thing to note is that the top boys high school scorer is Mason Faulkner out of Cavern, who’s averaging 28.5 points per game so Whitney Creech should end as scoring champion of the KHSAA.

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