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Road Woes – What Now?

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#21 Memphis 72 to #7 Louisville 66. South Carolina 72 to #17 Kentucky 67. Both High Major Division 1 Kentucky Schools traveled home with losses over this past weekend. The scores from both games looked the same. I’m sure Cardnation will be on local radio shows today along with social media telling the Big Blue Nation how their team had the better loss of the two schools, due to Memphis being a ranked team. I’m sure some Twitter account, UL fan, or caller will say “At least we loss to a ranked team on the road, South Carolina will not even make the N.I.T”. That’s how the rivalry goes, were always looking for an edge over the other school. This is a valid point and a decent jab at U of K, but the question I would ask is, where do both two teams go from here? Are both schools capable of making a run to the Final 4 in a few weeks? Have the young cats given up on the season after the bad loss at South Carolina? Will the veteran Cardinals shake the road loss to Memphis to Rise and Repeat? It’s obvious this young Kentucky team will fall out of the AP Top 25, while U of L will only fall from the Top 10 of the polls later today, but there is still season left and goals both schools can achieve down the stretch. Both teams will need to finish the season strong to strengthen their seeding come Tournament time. With the South Carolina loss, Kentucky is looking at a 6 to 8 seed depending on the way they finish, while Louisville is on the line of 5 to 6 seed come tourney time. John Calipari watched his young team from the locker room after being tossed with 2 techs received mid way in the 2nd half. Rick Pitino however watched his veteran team give up an 8 pt lead, after the Tigers ended the game on a 15 to 1 run.

I guess it’s safe to say March is here and the Madness has just begun. Strap your seat belts and let’s get ready for the ride.

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