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Russell Wilson: Will Contract Negotiations lead to pay he deserves? – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

June 19, 2015FootballRussell Wilson: Will Contract Negotiations lead to pay he deserves?

Russell Wilson

June 19, 2015 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)   By: Stephen Patrick

The Ongoing Russell Wilson Saga

Russell Wilson has as many Super Bowl rings as Peyton Manning. The difference is Russell has played in three years, the latter going on two decades.  After being selected in the third round of the 2012 NFL draft, few predicted that Russell Wilson would be a Quarterback to have raised the Lombardi trophy. The man stands around “6 ft”.  Many scouts dismissed him and felt he was too short to be a full-time starter. Wilson has defied the words of the “experts”. Not only is the former quarterback from N.C. State, Wisconsin a tremendous football player, he also was drafted in 2010 in baseball by the Colorado Rockies with the 140th pick.

He holds a record of 36-12 in his regular season career in the NFL.  Wilson has become the face of the franchise along with running back Marshawn Lynch from an offensive standpoint. He’s established an NFL record for most regular-season wins by a quarterback in their first three years. (Super Bowl Era). Wilson passed Hall of Fame Miami quarterback Dan Marino and current Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Each of those players racked up 33 regular-season wins through their first three seasons. Seems like the Seahawks would make a contract extension their number one goal this off-season, but after-seeing other quarterbacks get the big payday Wilson is trying to wait patiently for his without causing the team a huge distraction.

Russell Wilson: Will Contract Negotiations lead to pay he deserves?

Wilson celebrating Super Bowl XLVIII 2014

Since he was drafted in 2012 Russell Wilson has made $2.2M compared to the $10.6 M made by his backups in (Flynn, Jackson). The rookie cap holds  salaries low after players sign their first contracts; That’s why Wilson’s salary is low despite, the amount of winning. The Seahawks prefer to slow play contract situations, so it’s hard to argue with their methods, due to the recent success of the organization.

Massive contracts have been given to Cam Newton and Ryan Tannehill and  it’s putting a little pressure on the Seahawks organization to get a similar contract done for their franchise quarterback. Now knowing the figures other QB’s are getting paid, the Seattle’s contract offer has to be more than what the Panthers are going to get Newton done for.  Seattle also already knew it would have to increase the offer it has already  tried to make earlier in the process to get a deal done with Wilson.

Ryan Tannehill and  Cam Newton

Ryan Tannehill and Cam Newton

It’s debatable whether Wilson should be the highest-paid quarterback in the league, but the Seahawks will need to atleast get his salary higher than the other young pros in the league.  The knock on Wilson is many feel he’s not a “pro-style type quarterback and the success of the team has come from the running game and him being on one of the best defenses in the history of the NFL.

His decision-making is top-notch and cannot be taken for granted. He has 26 total interceptions with a TD to INT ratio of almost 3-1. His true key is his presence to escape the pass rush. He can escape defenders and has the football IQ to know when to slide or get down. In a league where quarterbacks are deemed to be the most important assets to an organization, it’s time to pay Wilson who has helped the Seahawks hoist the Lombardi trophy that many teams hope to covet. Pay the man, he deserves it!

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