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Stride for Stride with Rohan Martin Jr. – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

December 9, 2014Football, Recruiting rohan5.jpgDecember 9, 2014  Louisville, KY (Analyzed Sports)

Stride for Stride with Rohan Martin Jr.

Rohan Martin Jr. (#25- 5’10” 170lbs- CB/WR) is from Stafford, VA, who attends Colonial Forge High School, just finished up his junior season. His team went 10-4 this season, which finished 725th in the Nation, and 17th in the state of Virginia. His team had a deep run in the playoffs before it ended in a loss 21-32 to Oscar Smith High School. Analyzed Sports caught up with him in an exclusive One on One interview. Below is the transcript of the interview. 

Analyzed Sports: Your team, the Colonial Forge Eagles, made it to the Elite 8 in the playoffs, what were some of the reasons for the success of the team this year?

Rohan Martin Jr:  We made it to the Elite 8 in the playoffs because we started to play as a team. We had a great offensive line which allowed our RB and QB to gain over 1,000 rushing yards. Playing the “tough” teams at the beginning of the season allowed us to make adjustments that allowed us to make it to the playoffs. The defensive line also played a very important role as we only allowed an average of 10 points a game in the regular season.

Analyzed Sports: Your play for Coach Bill Brown, what is that like to play for such a legendary coach?

Rohan Martin Jr: Its a major blessing to play for a prestigious coach as Coach Brown. I believe that having a coach with over 4 decades of experience has made me a better football player. He teaches me and our team the fundamentals of football, prepares us for even the best of teams and holds us together through the tough weeks of our season. As a result, we have been very successful and to prove that, we’ve been to at least the Elite 8 for the past 2 seasons.

Analyzed Sports: What are your plans during the off-season?

Rohan Martin Jr.

(# 25) Rohan Martin Jr.

Rohan Martin Jr: During the off-season, I will be continuing with my training regiment. I am also playing basketball for my school varsity team and I will continue to contact and make unofficial visits to colleges of my interest. In the spring months, I’ll be participating in 7 on 7 competitions such as Forge’s passing league and ERA’s passing league. In the summer months I’ll be doing off-season conditioning and will prepare myself for the season ahead.

Analyzed Sports: Your quarterback, Owen Schneider, will be back for his senior season, what does that mean for your team having a Senior QB like Owen leading the team?

Rohan Martin Jr: It means a lot. I am really looking forward to having Owen as our team’s QB. He has good leadership and makes plays when it seems nothing is there to make. He has a great hold of our offense plays and has a good arm that can stretch the field. I’m sure Coach Brown will be looking for Owen and me to be leaders of the team and will look for us to make key plays in games.

Analyzed Sports: Your will lose a 25 member senior class, with that in mind, what does your team need to do to have better season next year?

Rohan Martin Jr: Honestly, we are going to miss our senior class. They were big contributors on our team and pushed us along when the season was in doubt. But to answer your question, we the upcoming senior class need to step it up big time. We need to fill the spots our seniors left us and contribute to our team even more then what they did. Its a tough task, but I’m sure we can handle it. I’ll be a leader on this coming year’s team, so I’ll keep everyone disciplined and focused on the task at hand.

Analyzed Sports: People know you are a gifted player on both sides of the ball, and sometimes that is only what people care about, tell us a little about what you like to do off-the-field like your hobbies and interests in life.

Rohan Martin JrFootball is my passion, I love this game and i put all that I got into it. However, i do play other sports in the off-season, such as basketball and soccer. I have a keen interest in computers and computer programming. Also, I’m a homebody, I love spending time with my family and friends, watching movies and playing soccer with my little sisters.

Rohan Martin Jr. (#25)

Rohan Martin Jr. (#25)

Analyzed Sports: Have you considered yet what field of study you would want to pursue in college or even a career field you want to pursue?

Rohan Martin Jr: The career I would want to pursue in college and later in life is Business. I would love to run my own store, or even Enterprise. I manage money well so I think I would run my own business successfully.

Analyzed Sports: Do you have a pre-game music playlist that you like to listen to before each game? If yes, what is on that playlist?

Rohan Martin Jr: Yes i have a playlist that consist of Trap, Hip Hop, Bachata, Reggae, and R & B. This playlist gets me really hyped before each game and elevates my game to the next level

Analyzed Sports: Who is one football player you would love to play catch with, past or present?

Rohan Martin Jr: Definitely would love to play catch with Odell Beckham Jr. He catches everything and I would love to master the skill of catching as well as Odell.

Analyzed Sports: Who is your college and NFL team?

Rohan Martin Jr: My favorite College football team is the Virginia Tech Hokies and My favorite NFL team is the New York Giants

Analyzed Sports: What does football mean to you?

Rohan Martin Jr: Football is my passion. Its a sport where you have to know your assignments and play as a group. It shows on game day who worked hard in their off-season and who did not. It shows how bad a person or team wants to win day in and day out. It shows you how much effort it takes to be successful and how much will you have to elevate your game to the next level. I simply love football and all that it offers to me.

Junior Season Highlights from Rohan Martin Jr. 

Junior Season Highlights

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