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Taj McDavid -The lost


July 7, 2014 Louisville, Ky

Does anyone remember Taj Mcdavid aka red?

Taj McDavid was a South Carolina kid who declared for the draft in 1996 the same year as Kobe Bryant and Jermaine O’Neal. Not only that Taj never made it to the NBA, he never even signed any sort of pro basketball contract.  Like Kobe & O’neal. Taj’s high school stats were outstanding. He averaged 26.1 points per game, 12.6 rebounds and 2.4 blocks for Palmetto High the 4 years he attended. At the end of his senior year he was named the State Player of the Year in Class AA.  “The kid could shoot the ball,” said Fran Campbell, the head coach at rival High School. “He had talent.” The only problem was no one ever heard of Taj or also known as red. In May 1996 Taj declared for the 1996 NBA draft.  Taj was 6’6 175 pounds when he entered the NBA draft. Many of his critics said he was playing against undergrads and people who weren’t good. Taj didn’t schedule the games, so he had to play who was in front of him. Despite not being drafted in the 1996, Taj enrolled at Division II Anderson College. His talent went unnoticed there too. He played his freshmen year on the school’s intramural team. Even to this day he will not grant interviews, but the latest reports of McDavid were he is still living in his parent’s mobile home and plays local pick-up games.




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