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September 24, 2014Basketball

Michael Jordan - Lebron James

September 24, 2014 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

The Heart of a Champion

During this past NBA free agency we have seen the recent moves of Lebron James, Kevin Love, and many others.  There has been alot of talk about past and present NBA world champions.  What would Jordan have done?  What about Magic?  When Miami’s Big 3 was formed in 2010 many cried foul. Many critics stated it was not fair, and thought that past NBA legends would have never joined up together for the sake of trying to win a championship.  It comes down to players personal preference.  In this past playoffs between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat, Lebron James made passes at the end of games to open teammates.  Michael Jordan also did this in some of his Final appearances finding his favorite targets of John Paxson and Stever Kerr.  Many believe that a true champion must be willing to take the last shot with the game on the line.  Kobe Bryant and Michael are often used as an example of Champions with ice water in the veins to come up with game winners time after time.  Lebron has a different way of going about the same goals of winning the game.  He is more Magic Johnson, than Michael Jordan, but this doesn’t make his less of a champion.  The move back home to Cleveland shows the heart of Lebron James.  A true champion gets the job done no matter what the circumstance.  The basketball skills of Lebron James can not be denied.  His future is bright and his story is far from being over.  That high-school prodigy with the head band has come along way since being drafted overall number 1 in 2003.  As Lebron’s legacy continues to be written, he will continue to prove to the cynics his heart of a champion.

How many titles does Lebron have to win in Cleveland to be considered the greatest to ever play the game of basketball?

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