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Throwback Thursday Edition: Two Letters (L.T.) – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

January 28, 2016FootballThrowback Thursday Edition: Two Letters (L.T.)

Lawerence (L.T.) Taylor

January 29, 2016 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)  By: Andrew Chapman

Throwback Thursday Edition: Two Letters (L.T.)

In today’s atmosphere, many people like to say that, this or that is the greatest ever when making comparisons about athletes.  Recently, J.J. Watt the Houston Texans defensive end has been hearing the rumblings from the sports world of greatest ever to play his position.  Now Watt is no doubt a great talent and a two-time defensive player of the year, but those who know Lawerence Taylor (L.T.) defensive end for the New York Giants should remember a player that will never be equalized or surpassed.

Do you remember the fear? The Speed? and all-around talent of Taylor?  The power and abandonment in which he played the game?  Lawerence Taylor changed the way football was and is played today.  As he yelled “Let’s go out there and play like some crazed dogs”!  That’s what he did. “You better hope, I don’t get back in there”! This was another famous quote of his.  The Monday Night Football game when he broke Joe Theismann leg sent him into myth and made his a household name to all football fans.

Taylor lined up at many positions and always had an impact on the outcome of how the opposing opponent played.  He finished his career as an All Pro player, winner of two Super Bowl’s along with a defensive player of the year and rookie of the year award.  The Meadowlands in New Jersey were his stomping grounds.  The number 56 had been made famous by such players as Hollywood Henderson of the Dallas Cowboys, but L.T. took the number to another level by his relentless aggressiveness play on the field. .  Those who saw it will never forget L.T. coming around the corner, or up the middle, plus Quarterbacks were not as protected then as they are now.  The fear was parable. Those two small letters of L.T. speaks volumes to all true NFL fans. Even his off the field problems could never touch what he did on the field.  The one & only, the Legend, The Hall of Famer himself #56 Lawerence Taylor – Two Letters, “L.T.”

Who do you think is the Greatest to play the Linebacker Position?

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