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Turning Up the Wattage with Chris Rowe – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

December 15, 2014Football, Recruitingrowe3

Chris Rowe #44 Attacking the Quarterback

December 15, 2014 Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

I recently caught up with Colonial Forge HS Junior, Chris Rowe, who plays DE/OLB and TE for the Eagles, in an exclusive one-on-one interview. Chris is being recruited by four big names schools: Duke, Arizona State, Army, and Coastal Carolina. Below is the transcript of the interview with Chris Rowe.

Turning Up the Wattage with Chris Rowe

Analyzed Sports: Your team, the Colonial Forge Eagles, made it to the Elite 8 in the playoffs, what were some of the reasons for the success of the team this year?

Chris Rowe: The reason why we were able to make it so far in the playoffs this year was our hard work in the off-season and everyone buying into the program and giving 100% something Coach Brown always says “we will never lack effort.”  I also contribute our great season to our hard working offensive line.Rowe2

Analyzed Sports: Your play for Coach Bill Brown, what is that like to play for such a legendary coach?

Chris Rowe: Playing for Coach Brown is such an honor. He knows so much information on the game, it’s honestly scary sometimes he knows the outcome of a certain play before it even happens.  He has taught me to have thick skin and never give up.

Analyzed Sports: What are your plans during the off-season?

Chris Rowe: My plans for the off-season are to get healthy, compete well at the US Army Combine, continue to lift and get ready for next years state title run.

Analyzed Sports: Your quarterback, Owen Schneider, will be back for his senior season, what does that mean for your team having a senior QB like Owen leading the team?

Chris Rowe: I’m so excited to have my boy Owen back!! I’ve been playing with him since my freshman year and he leads with examples.  He’s a pretty quiet guy.  We call him “Owen Manziel” because he is very quick and can make plays out of anything.

Analyzed Sports: Your will lose a 25 member senior class, with that in mind, what does your team need to do to have better season next year?

Chris Rowe: Losing those guys is tough.  All it means is all of the returning players need to step up and do their turn.  I know everyone will we have a very hungry 2016 class.

Chris Rowe

Chris Rowe (44) getting hyped with teammate Alexandro Welch (4)

Analyzed Sports: What schools are looking at you? Have any offered you a scholarship? If yes, which ones?

Chris Rowe: Duke, Coastal Carolina, and Arizona State are the main 3 looking at me right now.  No offers yet but trying to have a couple by the end of my junior year.

Analyzed Sports: People know you are a gifted player on both sides of the ball, and sometimes that is only what people care about, tell us a little about what you like to do off-the-field like your hobbies and interests in life.

Chris Rowe: I love all sports, love to spend time with my friends. I’m also a huge snowboarder.

Analyzed Sports: Have you considered yet what field of study you would want to pursue in college or even a career field you want to pursue?

Chris Rowe: Yes, I would like to double major In college studying Sports Management and Accounting.  I would like to be a sports agent when I get older.

Analyzed Sports: Do you have a pre-game music playlist that you like to listen to before each game? If yes, what is on that playlist?

Chris Rowe: I listen to a lot of Rap and Hip hop before games.  Sometimes I’ll listen to some linkin park or foo fighters to get me fired up.

Analyzed Sports: Who is the one football player you would love to play a series  with, past or present?

Chris Rowe: JJ Watt.  He inspires me on and off the field. The way he composes himself is why I look up to him. And he’s a baller.

Analyzed Sports: What is your biggest dream in life?

Chris Rowe: My biggest dream in life is to do something on earth that matters and helps all people for the better.

Analyzed Sports: What does football mean to you?

Chris Rowe: Football is everything to me. It’s really helped me keep my head on straight and see the big picture of life.

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Junior DE/OLB/TE, Chris Rowe

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