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UNC Students Give a Stuart Scott Tribute – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

January 10, 2015Archives, BasketballGrant Halverson/Getty Images

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

 By: Trent A. Brinkley                               January 10, 2015. Louisville, KY. (Analyzed Sports)

 UNC Students – As Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow

I recently caught up with two UNC Students, who are regulars in the UNC Basketball Student Section in an exclusive interview following their game vs Notre Dame on January 5, 2014. The exclusive interview talks about their role in giving one of their closest friends, and proud Alumni, Stuart Scott, who passed away earlier this week after a seven year fight with cancer. Below is the transcript of my interview


Analyzed Sports: What did Stuart Scott mean to UNC?

UNC Student Section Members:  Stuart Scott was a UNC alum and he wasn’t afraid to show his love for the Tar Heels. He worked hard in his career and overcame many obstacles, however his battle with cancer showed his determination and toughness. He wanted us to make a difference in the world by the way we live. He is an inspiration and a role model for every Tar Heel.

Analyzed Sports: What did Stuart Scott mean to you?

UNC Student Section Members:  I will always remember watching Stuart on SportsCenter while I was growing up. He brought a sense of enthusiasm and energy that seemed to separate him from the other anchors/reporters. It was always fun to see him on the show after a big UNC win, because I knew he was going to let everyone know not only that we had won, but how excited and proud he was because of it.

Analyzed Sports: What is your favorite memory of Stuart Scott at UNC?

UNC Student Section Members:  I was able to attend Late Night with Roy my freshman year, which Stuart hosted. He couldn’t have been a better host and really helped set the mood for the season with his performance.

Analyzed SportsHow would you sum up Scott Scott in 3 words?

Photographer: Will Bratton

Photographer: Will Bratton

UNC Student Section Members:  He was a fighter, a survivor, and a father.






Analyzed Sports: What does it mean to have students do the tribute?

UNC Student Section Members:  It was humbling to see other students wanting to honor the life of a fellow Tar Heel that most have never met or even interacted with. The University did an excellent job with the video tribute and the signs that we held represented our support for his life and his battle with cancer.

Analyzed Sports: What is the The Carolina Way?

UNC Student Section Members:  The Carolina Way means to accomplish what your goals with integrity and effort. Stuart definitely lived by this saying and is a great example of how we should live.

Analyzed Sports: What do your school colors mean to you?

UNC Student Section Members:  The colors of UNC are distinguished and easily recognizable. Because of this, people can tell who you are representing and I am proud to wear our school’s colors.

Analyzed Sports: What will you miss the most about Stuart Scott?

UNC Student Section Members:  I will most miss seeing him on TV after a big UNC win. He always let the audience know how pleased he was with the win and that he was a proud alum.

Video Rights to ABC11.

Video Rights to ABC11.

Analyzed Sports: What is your favorite basketball memory while been at UNC?

UNC Student Section Members: The two best games that I have attended as a student, were the wins over Kentucky and Duke last season. The atmosphere was incredible and it was by far the loudest I have ever heard the Dean Dome.

A Special Thank You to the UNC Student Section Members for contributing to this piece:

   –   Patrick G, Junior                                             –  Charlie O., Sophomore

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