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What does Football Mean to TaJonn Nickelson? – Analyzed SportsAnalyzed Sports

December 8, 2014Football, RecruitingTaJonn Nickelson and teammates celebrate a stop

TaJonn Nickelson (22) and teammates celebrate a stop on defense in a game earlier this season.

December 8, 2014  Louisville, KY (Analyzed Sports)

What does Football Mean to TaJonn Nickelson?

TaJonn Nickelson (5’10.5″ 185lbs) SS/WR is from Milford, VA, who attends Caroline High School, just finished up his senior season. I caught up with him in an exclusive One on One interview. Nickelson is being recruited by some good schools across the country. Below is the transcript of the interview. 

Analyzed Sports:   Your team is getting a new head coach, what is that going to be like as your team is now moving to the off-season phase?

TaJonn Nickelson:   This past season we got a new coach, but that didn’t affect me because I transferred and I know he’s a good coach because he won Coach of the Year at his old high school. He will lead us in the right direction to turn the program around.

Analyzed Sports: What are your plans for this off-season with signing day just over two months away?

TaJonn Nickelson:  My plans this off-season is to prepare for college football by working out five times a week. In the weight room, or on the field, I am focused on getting bigger, faster, and stronger.

Analyzed Sports:  Your quarterback, Juwan Wallace, plays two different positions besides being the starting quarterback, he plays Wide Receiver and Cornerback, what is it like to have a versatile player like Juwan under center?

TaJonn Nickelson: It is great to have a versatile quarterback like Juwan, because he can also catch because he has great hands, and we have a couple young QB’s that can come in and get some snaps under center.

Analyzed Sports:  What are the schools that have recruited you to come play college football for them next fall?

TaJonn Nickelson:  James Madison, Central Connecticut State, Glenville State, Kentucky Christian, University of Richmond, and Bryant University

Analyzed Sports:  What are some of your favorite off-the-field hobbies you do in your free time?

TaJonn Nickelson:   Off the field, I’m a photographer, I love the weight room, I like to help out with my church, studying for class, or I’m with my friends.

Analyzed Sports: Have you considered what field of study you would like to pursue in college when you get there?

TaJonn Nickelson: The field of studies I’m interested in is Athletic Training, Sport Management or Visual Arts

Analyzed Sports: Do you have a pre-game music playlist or artists you like to listen to?

TaJonn Nickelson:   I like to listen to Migos, K Camp, and Chief Keef before games

Analyzed Sports:  Who is one football player that you would love to play catch with?

TaJonn Nickelson:  I would go with Michael Vick

Analyzed Sports: Who is your favorite collegiate and professional football team?

TaJonn Nickelson: Florida State University & Philadelphia Eagles

Analyzed Sports:  What does football mean to you?

TaJonn Nickelson: Football means a lot to me, football means I can use this sport as a tool to continue my education. Football means… I can learn life lessons from playing this sport. It means that there is no other game like this. It means that this is my lifestyle for the next couple of years in my life.

TaJonn’s Highlight’s Here: 


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